Friday, March 13, 2020

Coronavirus Exposes Need for Online Digital Strategy More than Ever

You would have to be living in a cave not to know that everyone in the world is talking about the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  No matter what your position is on whether you feel people are overreacting and buying up all of the toilet paper for a flu-like cold or if you think this is the next Bubonic plague that will change the world as we know it; all of the actions today we are taking today will affect aspects of your business..

Now more than ever- it is important for your business to have an online strategy that can withstand the mass hysteria and media’s recommendation to quarantine oneself from the public to avoid catching the virus.  Even though the masses are avoiding civilization, internet usage is at an all-time high and that means your message needs to gain maximum exposure!
DeliveryMaxx has the cure!  With our Patent-Pending digital media strategy, clients will be able to share with the world why their customers should patronize their business (even online sales) and let the world know they have the goods to keep life going as we know it.  Our strategy can be implemented in the virtual arena of technology and includes Online Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, Customer Satisfaction and Retention, Social Media Engagement and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

We have provided this for over the last decade for businesses in the automotive, real estate, construction, retail, food and hospitality, medical, entertainment, non-profit, sports and church industries.  The bottom line is that our clients are able to turn what they do on a daily basis into a digital media strategy that helps them gain positive reviews, social media engagement, strong SEO and happy customers that are willing to share their great experiences with all of their friends and family… Your Potential Customers.  This has led to more sales, higher customer satisfaction scores, repeat business and more digital content on the internet giving you maximum exposure.

The Coronavirus may or may not be blown out of proportion.  That is for you to decide.

As of March 13, 2020, the Coronavirus has 1663 reported cases and 40 deaths in the United States.  Over 99% of the cases have an unfavorable affect on individuals with underlining heath conditions and/or those who are over 50 years old.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there have been nearly 128,000 cases confirmed with 4720 deaths.  Not to diminish these facts, but according to the Center of Disease and Control over 56,000 people die from the flu or flu-like illness each year in the United States.  In addition, nearly 1.25 million people die in road crashes each year, on average 3,287 deaths a day. 

Make no mistake about the media coverage of this virus.  It has caused major panic much like someone hollering “FIRE” in a crowded movie theatre.  (Of course you could do that now and nobody would be there to hear you.)  This scare will negatively impact all businesses especially small businesses.

“In today’s world, businesses now more than ever must have a digital strategy.  Today it is the Coronavirus, tomorrow it will be something else.  Our customers are spending more hours of the day online shopping, researching or mindless browsing.  If a business doesn’t have a specific plan of action utilizing the internet; they will leave dollars on the table.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the coronavirus, but also out to all of the businesses that will be adversely affected by potential customers isolating themselves indoors.  We will develop a custom plan for each business that allows them to compete in today’s marketplace” states, James Schaefer, Founder of DeliveryMaxx.

You must have a plan of action.  To avoid losing the gains you have made over the past several years, your digital marketing strategy must be vigilant to withstand the lack of foot traffic.  DeliveryMaxx is your answer to help you continue to make gains into additional market share and achieve maximum exposure on the internet.

With its Patent-Pending Digital Marketing Solutions; DeliveryMaxx is the only digital media company that provides a simple to use app which will allow to immediately collect online reviews, post engaging videos and online content with branding and advertising.  The program is embedded with digital code helping increase SEO which provides first page results on the Search Engines.  It is a tool that is implanted with a complete digital strategy giving their clients a competitive advantage over the competition.  For more information about DeliveryMaxx contact (888) 938-6299 or watch the DeliveryMaxx Introduction Video!

Thursday, August 29, 2019

DeliveryMaxx: Tools to Capture Your Audience

How do you capture an audience and get people interested in what you have to offer?  DMAXX provides the tools you need.  Our simple-to-use, patent-pending application allows you to share your story in every single facet of online marketing.  With a few clicks of a button from your phone you can upload customer photos personally congratulating and showcasing your happy customers to the online world, as well as recording important personalized follow-up videos to be delivered at important milestones, increasing your retention and post-sale opportunities.  Yet, that’s not all!  You are also able to easily create videos and take photos showcasing your products, sharing special events, or simply saying hello to your social media followers.  And we didn’t even stop there, you can use the same application to easily capture reviews on sites such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook (in addition to a custom-built DeliveryMaxx review site for your business) sharing your clients experience in a world where online reviews become increasingly important each day!

However, we don’t want you to take our word for it.  Take a moment and listen first-hand as two of DeliveryMaxx’s top users from Britain Chevrolet Cadillac share their success utilizing the DeliveryMaxx tools.  Liz Bowman and Frantz Xantus Jr. excel at providing exceptional customer service, and the DeliveryMaxx tool helps them make countless more potential customers aware of the service that they provide.  In fact, Liz and Frantz are so diligent at utilizing the application to film videos of their inventory not only do they receive multiple leads from online content, they are branded as salespeople so strongly Liz stated she has had customers visit and say they thought she was the only salesperson at the dealership, because of how much content was online with her information.  It is no coincidence that these two are consistently the top salespeople at their dealership.  This short video perfectly summarizes the success you can expect utilizing DeliveryMaxx and the DMAXX App.

An overwhelming majority of customers search online and are influenced by online reviews and social media presence before ever setting foot inside of a store.  Social media and review sites rank at the top of search page results, ensure that your social media and review sites reflect the true service and values you work hard to instill.  The DMAXX Application is the perfect tool to accomplish this, helping you reach more customers and retain them as well.  Visit for more information today!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Meet James Schaefer of DeliveryMaxx in Rockwall

Today we’d like to introduce you to James Schaefer.

James, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.

Every great idea is born out of need. DeliveryMaxx was founded on providing automotive dealerships an opportunity to retain their customers. However, social media marketing and online reputation quickly became the norm and DeliveryMaxx had to adapt.

We created a Patent-Pending mobile application that allows all companies, organizations, and people (anyone that needs more exposure on the internet) improve their Online Reputation, Social Media Engagement, Search Engine Optimization and Content Management. In addition to automotive dealerships, DeliveryMaxx increased its client base to Real Estate Agents, Churches, Youth Sports Teams, Authors, Attorneys, Doctors, Radio Shows, Gun Clubs and more. “There has never been a client we cannot help. We are able to customize our program that will provide our clients a complete digital marketing strategy for a fraction of what they would pay one person or multiple vendors” states, Founder, James Schaefer.

Has it been a smooth road?

DeliveryMaxx was started in 2009 which the economy was going through one of the worst recessions in history. There were days, I did not know if we would be able to sustain a viable business. I laugh now, but one day my son came home and wanted to watch the World Series. He didn’t know that I had cut off the cable to save money as the business was growing. He had to listen to it with his buddy on the radio! My wife used to call my company DebtMaxx! Luckily, I was able to become cash flow positive in less than 6 months. Now making a profit took a little longer, but it was relatively quicker than most technology companies.

When we first started, DeliveryMaxx wasn’t what it is today. We focused on automotive dealerships customer retention. There was nothing innovative about what we do. Because of the markets demand, we quickly moved into digital marketing and advertising, but we include SEO, Online Reputation, Social Media Engagement and Content Management all using a mobile app.

Because DeliveryMaxx is the first to be able to do what we can do; many businesses don’t understand the complexity of how we are able to produce results. We really are in unchartered territory. However, we use common sense business principles with today’s technology and as we earn the trust of our clients; strong relationships are established.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the DeliveryMaxx story. Tell us more about the business.

DeliveryMaxx has Patent-Pending Technology (9 million lines of code) that allows businesses/organizations create maximum exposure on the internet. When Digital Marketing is done right, there is a strategy that is involved. Digital Marketing includes SEO, Online Reputation, Content Management, Social Media Engagement & Marketing and they must all work together to produce the results our clients are looking for. Each client has a different need. Some want to build their reputation in the industry, others want to increase sales or customer satisfaction and we have some that are trying to gain national exposure. Therefore DeliveryMaxx is able to customize a program for each client. Our mobile app makes it very simple to create the content that produces these results. The way DeliveryMaxx was built in the very beginning allows us to continue to grow with our clients. We can keep cost at a minimal because DeliveryMaxx does not have huge overhead.

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?

The largest shift I see is AI technology which is very fascinating. Pretty soon it will be a common thing to walk into a grocery store or your local convenient store and a sign welcomes you and points you in the direction of the items you desire. Within 10 years, this will be the norm and I suspect it will move a lot faster than that. We already have the technology. This will change the playing field and require traditional marketing to utilize advance technology or get left behind.

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Monday, December 11, 2017

How to Create Good Press using the Internet

For years, businesses have sought out traditional forms of media such as television commercials, newspaper ads and radio spots to influence consumers with products and services.  With the introduction of new media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites; anyone or business can produce a story which rapidly circulates across the World Wide Web.  With the ease and availability of a medium which can deliver ideals into the intended recipients’ hands businesses would be wise to take advantage of this technology.

However, with the ease of communication should come great caution as the perception of reality quickly becomes reality.  Online reputation sites such as Google Reviews, Yelp and others are a constant reminder and act as a digital report card.  Thus again, by providing superb product and/or services an entity can expect a positive evaluation.  Although most businesses strive to please their customers, many of the online reviews which are published don’t reflect the true principles of the company.

Marketers and media experts alike continue to preach the value of utilizing social media, online reputation, and publishing content.  The prevailing opinions are correct, but sometimes the advice does provide solutions that meet their needs rather the advice is heavy on advertising on new media the same way businesses used to advertise on traditional media.

The first thing businesses must realize is that new media, often referred to as social media, is much different than traditional media.  A good analogy would be to consider a time when you were talking with a group of friends at a gathering, if a car sales person (insert any sales person) were to interrupt your story; how would that make you feel? It’s pretty simple.  You would not appreciate it no matter how great the deal or sales pitch was.  This is what many businesses try to do on social media.  They interrupt your news feed with advertisement that the consumer does not want to see.

Now, it is no secret.  Everyone is on social media today and cell phones have increased this activity by thousands of percent.  Thus, in order for businesses and marketers to increase their reach; they cannot abandoned social media and review sites.  However, they have to create a great strategy to allow their message to be seen without rudely shoving this message down a virtual throat.  If only there was a way that companies could get their customers to share their great experiences with all of their friends and family. 

DeliveryMaxx has created a patent-pending solution that allows any entity to make it easy and desirable for the consumer to share their wonderful experience.  It’s very simple and doesn’t interfere with the normal sales or service process of the company.  In fact, companies that implement the DeliveryMaxx solution see a positive change in culture and have the ability to meet the demands of Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation and Content Management.  For more information on how DeliveryMaxx can customize a program for your company contact us at or call 888.936.6299.