Thursday, August 29, 2019

DeliveryMaxx: Tools to Capture Your Audience

How do you capture an audience and get people interested in what you have to offer?  DMAXX provides the tools you need.  Our simple-to-use, patent-pending application allows you to share your story in every single facet of online marketing.  With a few clicks of a button from your phone you can upload customer photos personally congratulating and showcasing your happy customers to the online world, as well as recording important personalized follow-up videos to be delivered at important milestones, increasing your retention and post-sale opportunities.  Yet, that’s not all!  You are also able to easily create videos and take photos showcasing your products, sharing special events, or simply saying hello to your social media followers.  And we didn’t even stop there, you can use the same application to easily capture reviews on sites such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook (in addition to a custom-built DeliveryMaxx review site for your business) sharing your clients experience in a world where online reviews become increasingly important each day!

However, we don’t want you to take our word for it.  Take a moment and listen first-hand as two of DeliveryMaxx’s top users from Britain Chevrolet Cadillac share their success utilizing the DeliveryMaxx tools.  Liz Bowman and Frantz Xantus Jr. excel at providing exceptional customer service, and the DeliveryMaxx tool helps them make countless more potential customers aware of the service that they provide.  In fact, Liz and Frantz are so diligent at utilizing the application to film videos of their inventory not only do they receive multiple leads from online content, they are branded as salespeople so strongly Liz stated she has had customers visit and say they thought she was the only salesperson at the dealership, because of how much content was online with her information.  It is no coincidence that these two are consistently the top salespeople at their dealership.  This short video perfectly summarizes the success you can expect utilizing DeliveryMaxx and the DMAXX App.

An overwhelming majority of customers search online and are influenced by online reviews and social media presence before ever setting foot inside of a store.  Social media and review sites rank at the top of search page results, ensure that your social media and review sites reflect the true service and values you work hard to instill.  The DMAXX Application is the perfect tool to accomplish this, helping you reach more customers and retain them as well.  Visit for more information today!