Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Kinky Friedman Spends an hour with The ANE Show this Saturday

Every Saturday morning Jim Proctor known as “Doc” on The ANE Show, a popular Dallas Talk Radio Show, has to control characters like James “The Spin Doctor” Schaefer and “The Guru” Josh Deaton as they take great pride in shocking the cast of characters with their outrages adventures across the country.  The “Doc” even deals with TV stars such as Paul Salfen and Actress/Model Jennifer Reed.  Add a Gorilla in the mix and Saturday mornings at 9:00 a.m. on 1190 AM can be quite crazy.

This week, humorist and country music singer Kinky Friedman will join The ANE Show family for an hour of fun and excitement.  There is no telling what will be said on air this weekend.  Past comments from the former Texas Gubernatorial Candidate who is running for the Agriculture Commissioner of Texas will are well documented across the media.  Some of his most famous comments from his lips are “I support gay marriage.  I believe they have a right to be as miserable as the rest of us.” And “We’ve got to clear some of the room out of the prisons so we can put the bad guys in there, like the pedophiles and the politicians.”

It’s highly unlikely that the colorful candidate will go on to win a statewide position in deep-red Texas, but Friedman did make the Democratic primary runoff for the position.  He will compete against cattle farmer Jim Hogan in the May 27th contest, but a Republican is heavily favored to win the general election.  Legalizing marijuana is one of Friedman’s top priorities.

No matter what your position is on the elections, The ANE Show likes to have fun.  The popular radio show has entertained guest such as Dallas Cowboys Greats Randy White and Drew Pearson.  They have enjoyed rubbing elbows with the first Wide Receiver to win the Heisman Trophy and Oakland Raider Great Tim Brown.  The first women to play professional in a contact position in men’s professional football Jen Welter has also made a guest appearance on the show.  Not to mention, movie stars like Mathew McConaughey, Ice-Cube, Kevin Hart, and Ben Stiller have shared great stories about their upcoming movies.

Be sure to tune in this Saturday morning to The ANE Show on 1190 AM to hear what is said.  You can also be part of the show by sending in your questions or comments to or Twitter @TheANEShow! 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

No Shortage in News & Entertainment on The ANE Show

In less than a year, Dallas’ Talk Radio Show- The ANE Show has fast become DFW’s source for Automotive, News, and Entertainment.  Listeners from all over the country have chosen to tune into 1190 AM every Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. to hear all of the latest events that may or may not be significant in what is happening today.  The cast has an opinion on everything when it comes to sports, today’s news, the entertainment industry, and of course automotive.

This week, Brad Buttermore, the President of the Dallas MOPAR Club will visit this week’s show sharing information about upcoming events and how to become part of one of the most talked about automotive organizations.  If you are a MOPAR enthusiast, you won’t want to miss this show!  In fact, if the weather cooperates (and it usually does in radio) Mr. Buttermore will be bringing his 1966 Dodge Charger.

Not only will the show meet every car enthusiast needs, we will also be talking about the newly signing of former Cleveland Browns quarterback, Brandon Weeden.  Is this a good signing for the Dallas Cowboys?  Who knows, but we will be talking about it.

Now that isn’t the only thing that is happening around the United States and abroad.  There is sure to be discussions about GM and Honda recalling a combined 2 Million vehicles over fire risk, seat-mounted side airbags among a few.  In addition, “Will we ever know what happened to the Malaysian flight?”  The ANE Show has several theories and is waiting on some of the 20 countries to ask for our opinion.  Listeners will be able to find out the right information on this week’s show.

Spring is also here!  That only means one thing.  The NCAA tournament is starting and Warren Buffett is offering $1 Billion to anyone that completes a perfect bracket through Yahoo!  Odds of winning are only 1 in 9.2 Quintillion.  
However, we have the right picks for you that will enable you to claim your prize.  Stay tune to find out who we have picked.

Nothing is filtered during the show, and it is designed to provide an hour of fun, entertainment, and relief to the listeners.

You can tune in at 9 AM every Saturday Morning to 1190 AM and follow The ANE Show on Facebook to be part of the conversation.  Just write your questions or comments into the timeline and hear how the cast responds.  For more information visit

Monday, March 17, 2014

Find your Pot of Gold with The ANE Show

Every Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. on 1190 AM thousands of listeners tune into the radio listening to the Doc, Guru, Coolest Guy in Dallas, Spin Doctor, and beautiful actress/model Jennifer Reed to find information on the latest in Automotive, News, and Entertainment.  The show allows listeners to find their “pot of gold” of information in a humorous way.
There is no telling what this cast of characters is going to talk about on any particular show.  The shows outline will share the latest in information about the automotive buying experience, but adds a lot of fun to the mix with today’s news and entertainment.  Combine today’s current information with social media interaction with listeners provided by the founders of DeliveryMaxx and the talk radio show heads into uncharted territory.

The ANE Show which stands for Automotive News & Entertainment is hosted by longtime General Manager, Jim Proctor of Dodge City of McKinney.  He is joined by a cast of experts to share information and opinions during the show.

This cast of characters, and we do mean “characters” spend Saturdays providing great information, but they have fun doing it to.  There is no telling what will be said on air, because they are real people with real stories.  When listeners tune the radio in on 1190 AM they will hear a cast talking about weekly news stories.  It is truly “Gold Radio Talk” at its finest.

Nothing is safe as the Josh “The Guru” Deaton and James “The Spin Doctor” Schaefer (Founders of DeliveryMaxx) have been known to get into trouble at home for sharing too many family secrets.  

The youngsters of the bunch are also what we call “The Pretty People.”  Paul Salfen and Jennifer Reed grace the cover of magazines and can be seen at various times when perusing through the TV channels.  Not only do they experience the life of the Rich and Famous; they gossip about it as well.  These two will share how “the other people” live.

Now, this show would not happen without the Doc keeping everyone in check.  Proctor makes sure that each show goes off without a hitch despite the efforts of the cast trying to take the show down treacherous curves.

The show is truly magically delicious!

The ANE Show airs every Saturday at 9 AM on KFXR 1190AM.  It is a one hour radio talk show with four segments which include automotive, news, celebrity updates, and great information.  For more information about the most talked about radio show in Dallas visit

Monday, March 10, 2014

Robin Chouteau - Honda Cars of Rockwall Texas - DeliveryMaxx

Robin Chouteau V.P. of Customer Relations at Honda Cars of Rockwall Texas gives her thoughts on the DeliveryMaxx program

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