Monday, January 20, 2014

Radio Personalities fit for Royalty

The monotony of the daily life in the Middle Ages was alleviated by various types of entertainment, festivals, and holidays.  Jesters, Mummers, Minstrels, Troubadours, acrobats and jugglers would perform for the enjoyment of royalty.

A lot like today, everyday life in the Middle Ages was filled with long, hard work.  Games and entertainment provided a much needed break for people.  Games and entertainment were important to help make one’s life more exciting.
Now Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding areas of North Texas are able to spend Saturday mornings at 9:00 am around the radio listening to 1190 AM and will be entertained just like royalty.  This fun exciting show shares much needed advice on purchasing and servicing automotive, today’s news, social media topics, and celebrity interviews.

The ANE Show which stands for Automotive News & Entertainment is hosted by longtime General Manager, Jim Proctor of Dodge City of McKinney.  Josh “the Guru” Deaton and “The Spin Doctor” James Schaefer  of DeliveryMaxx join the fun of the hour long show with innovative ways to utilize social media to benefit businesses and consumers as well as funny and crazy experiences in the digital world.  However, they get off topic quite often with “The Spin Doctor” sharing embarrassing stories about “the Guru”.  They are joined by a cast of experts to share information and opinions during the show. 

Jeff “Bubba” Thompson, the ANE Show’s Co-Host, also serves as Jim’s right hand man in the dealership.  He shares “war stories” and other helpful information for the consumer’s automotive needs.  All you need to know about Thompson is that he has a donkey as a pet, and he goes by the name Bubba.  Paul Salfen, the coolest guy in Dallas and the Beautiful Actress/Model Jennifer Reed adds celebrity insight with interviews of the hottest stars in sports, music, and entertainment. 

Included in most shows is The ANE Show’s intern, “The Gorilla” and a man known as “Shu” pronounced like the one you wear on your foot!

The ANE Show airs at 9 AM Saturday mornings and consist of four segments including Automotive, News, Entertainment and whatever this cast of characters thinks of at that moment.  

To join in the weekly conversation on the air visit or follow on Twitter @TheANEShow.   For the latest in celebrity guest, show topics, or communicate with the radio personality’s visit The ANE Show’s Facebook page at