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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

State of the Union ANE Show Style

Was anything really accomplished in last night’s State of the Union Address #SOTU from the President of the United States and the subsequent response from Congress?

On The ANE Show we are here to serve you.  Not only can we solve all of the world’s problems, we have fun doing it.  There are not too many radio shows that have all of the answers, but we do.  Our platform includes Automotive, News, Sports, and Celebrity updates, but throw another subject at us and we will provide a solution that will make everyone happy.

While we are on the road, we don’t only shake hands and kiss babies, but we also tell everyone what they want to hear.  That seems to make people happy and we continue to feel good about ourselves.  Yes, we know- you have probably heard these campaign promises before.  However, we really do deliver on those promises.  Just ask us and we will tell you so!

Health Care, Lower Taxes, Higher Taxes, Free Enterprise, War on Terrorism, Peace; The ANE Show can do it all.  Tune in to 1190 AM at 9 AM every Saturday morning and get the information you need.  It’s not just a talk show.  It is a plethora of feel good solutions for all of our listeners.  For more information on the most up to date worldly events visit or ask us what you want to know @theANEshow on Twitter and Facebook at and we will give you the answers you want to hear!