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Monday, January 27, 2014

The Secret of Ordering Cheese Toast

Every Saturday morning The ANE Show talks about Automotive, News, and Celebrity updates.  However, on the show January 18, 2014 which can be heard weekly on 1190 AM or iHeart Radio Josh “The Guru” Deaton and “The Spin Doctor” bantered back and forth about their business trips they take on behalf of DeliveryMaxx.
The ANE Show has been touted as a very informative show about automotive news for consumers, but the radio show isn’t like most automotive talk shows. The ANE Show’s cast includes Josh “The Guru” Deaton and “The Spin Doctor” James Schaefer who are founders and executive officers of DeliveryMaxx. Their team on the show consist of Jim Proctor, manager of Dodge City of McKinney, Jeff “Bubba” Thompson who is Jim’s right hand man in the dealership, Paul Salfen who is Co-Host of the Drew Pearson Show and actress/model Jennifer Reed.
Each of the characters play an important role within the show, but often it is “The Spin Doctor” sharing stories of “The Guru” and the funny situations they put themselves in. During the January 18th episode, Schaefer brought up how Deaton refuses to pay extra for a grilled cheese sandwich with his meal. Deaton will always order a side of toast, and ask to have a slice or two pieces of cheese placed on top of the bread. In most of our homes we call this a grilled cheese sandwich. However, “The Guru” has coined the phrase #cheesetoast. You can follow the show on Twitter @TheANEShow or Facebook.

Last week, with camera in hand; “The Spin Doctor” decided to let The ANE Show listeners in on the secret of ordering cheese toast without having to pay for a grilled cheese sandwich.  

Watch the video and see how it is done, then share your crazy stories of what you get away with during dinner!