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Sunday, October 27, 2013

DeliveryMaxx Founders make a Splash on The ANE Show

What do you get when you put a DOC, Gorilla, Guru, Bubba, a Spin Doctor, & the Coolest Guy in Dallas all together in one room?  You get an exciting show about Automotive, News, Celebrity Updates, and Social Media Interaction with listeners.

During the early days of DeliveryMaxx’s rise to the top as leaders in Social Media and Online Reputation Management; Josh Deaton and James Schaefer would talk about exposing companies who committed fraud posting fake online reviews and scams involving social media.  Today, they have created a patent-pending program that has revolutionized the way businesses sell their services or products on the internet.
Now, KFXR 1190 AM, has added what is touted to be a fun exciting show which will share much needed advice on purchasing and servicing automotive, today’s news, social media topics, and celebrity interviews.  The ANE Show which stands for Automotive News & Entertainment is hosted by longtime General Manager, Jim Proctor of Dodge City of McKinney.  Deaton and Schaefer will join the fun of the hour long show with innovative ways to utilize social media to benefit businesses and consumers as well as funny and crazy experiences in the digital world.  They are joined by a cast of experts to share information and opinions during the show.

The ANE Show can be listened to across the nation with iHeartRadio.

Jeff “Bubba” Thompson, the ANE Show’s Co-Host, also serves as Jim’s right hand man in the dealership.  He will share “war stories” and other helpful information for the consumer’s automotive needs.  All you need to know about Thompson is that he has a donkey as a pet, and he goes by the name Bubba.  Josh “Social Media’s Guru” Deaton, and James “Spin Doctor” Schaefer , Co-Founders of DeliveryMaxx, will cover today’s technology and will provide insight to everything pertaining to social media, internet marketing, online reputation, and digital solutions.  Paul Salfen, the coolest guy in Dallas, will add celebrity insight with interviews of the hottest stars in sports, music, and entertainment. 

The ANE Show will air at 9 AM Saturday mornings and consist of all four segments including two segments of Automotive, News, and Entertainment.  Proctor and Thompson will Host the show starting out with automotive news and giving helpful information such as buying vehicles, financing, selling vehicles, and automotive comparisons just to name a few.  .  Salfen will follow with interviews of today’s most popular stars.  He will find out what is going on in their lives both professional and personal as well as uncover what everyone wants to really know.  The “Guru” and “Spin Doctor” will tie everything together communicating with the shows “Fans” via Social Media.
The ANE Show will be a jammed packed hour of fun, entertainment, and information sure to keep you coming back for more.  Saturday mornings at 9 AM on 1190 AM just got more interesting for you.  For more information about The ANE Show visit or follow on Twitter @TheANEShow.   For the latest in celebrity guest or show topics visit The ANE Show’s Facebook page at

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kids enjoying Texas vs. the Nation All-Star game thanks to Dodge City of McKinney & DeliveryMaxx

Dodge City of McKinney, the title sponsor of Texas vs. the Nation College Football All-Star Game, provided tickets, suites, and sideline passes for fans to see the game up-close.

DeliveryMaxx COO, James Schaefer enjoyed the opportunity to take his son and three of his friends to the game after working hard for Dodge City to promote the game via Social Media Marketing.

The boys, all from Rockwall and players on Mr. Schaefer's sons basketball & baseball team (Texans) were able to experience a close-up view from the sideline, locker room, and press box.  They had the same access to the players as the NFL scouts.


Jim Proctor, Dodge City of McKinney's General Manager made sure that the four boys had a great time.  Here are Joseph Schaefer, Jacob Lacher, Cody Rollins, and Lewis Nies with Jim & Hall of Fame former Dallas Cowboy, Randy White.


During halftime, the boys were put to work serving energy drinks to the players.  They were able to joke around, and listen to real live locker room talk.  Most of the things can be repeated.


Joseph & Cody helped cheer on team Texas as they entered the field.  It was a crazy site for the 4 footers to stand up to these giants!


Before the game, the boys met up with legendary Dallas Cowboy and current Head Coach of Team Texas, Bill Bates.  He was exactly like you would expect around these kids.  Very nice and encouraging.  Coach Bates even took a picture with Chief Operating Officer of DeliveryMaxx James Schaefer.


"Bill Bates has always been a role model for me.  I am glad my son knows who he is.  Bates is good for football, and the North Texas community" states Schaefer.


The boys had the best seat in the house.  They were right next to the action the whole game.


They even got a chance to hang out in the suite with scouts from the NFL and CFL.


The weather was great, the game was fun, and the boys left with memories of a life-time.  Thanks to Dodge City of McKinney for providing DeliveryMaxx the opportunity to share this experience with these boys.