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Monday, June 8, 2020

Getting Back to Basics in a Time of Uncertainty

This time of the year brings uncertainty for many 18 year olds (and their parents too).  As a parent of a graduating high school senior, I have a plethora of emotions going through my mind.  Although I am excited and can’t wait for my senior to enter the next chapter of his life as he attends a school in what seems like another continent, 1633.8 miles away to be exact; I run through a virtual checklist in my mind to make sure I have prepared him for anything that can happen while he embarks on this new adventure.

My thoughts drift back to when he still wanted to hold my hand crossing the street.  I was once his super hero that could protect him from anything.  There was a time when he would hang on my every word listening intently to my advice, stories and even laugh at my jokes.  It was an honor to get to coach him in sports at an early age, celebrate his victories and console him during his defeats.  Memories of watching him overcome obstacles and achieving success will last a lifetime and hopefully a few lessons will resonate with him as he encounters new challenges in this world.
Life is pretty simple if you slow down enough to take measure.  Most people in this world are good, but there are some that want to do you harm.  Understanding that you can vastly improve your odds of safety by avoiding hazardous situations and networking with those who are achieving success can lead you to greatness.  Realizing that every challenge presents an opportunity to allow you to change course gaining valuable experience to prepare you for the next trial that will arise will be vital to your growth.  Being transparent with others allows your true character to be exposed, but also allows you to see the true character of others.  You will not be able to please everyone, but you will be able to take solace if you think of others before yourself.  When you do something, do it with passion or don’t waste your time doing it.  Take time to celebrate the little wins and have fun while archiving the things that keep you from accomplishing your goals avoiding those things in the future.

Business is no different than life and with social media your entire operation is online for the world to see.  As business around the United States are dealing with the fallout from the coronavirus outbreak and stories of racial inequality; now is the time to get back to the basics.  Many of the lessons I have tried to teach my son are applicable to business as well.

Having a strong digital platform and the ability to implement a marketing and advertising strategy will allow your potential customers make an easy decision to solicit your services or products.  With more people than ever enamored with information instantaneously available at their fingertips; it is vital to share your message utilizing today’s technology, but also provide an opportunity for your customers to tell others about how great their experience with your company was.

DeliveryMaxx is a small business that takes pride in helping other small businesses succeed in an increasingly digital world.  That was our mission prior to the outbreak and news stories of racial inequality and continues to be our goal today.  If you need help navigating a transition to becoming more active on social media, building an e-commerce website, or post-sale communication with your clients we are here to help.  Our clients experience positive Online Reputation, stronger SEO, concise content management, increase in social media engagement and advertisement and higher customer retention. See how we have helped clients in multiple industries across the country such as Automotive Dealerships, Real-Estate Brokers & Agents, Churches, Service Industry, Sports Teams, Non-Profit Organizations and more as we utilize our Patent-Pending Program to develop a digital strategy that will meet the needs of sales, service and messaging to your audience. or give us a call at 888-936-6299 today or watch the DeliveryMaxx Introduction Video!

Monday, April 13, 2020

Using Social Media to become the “Go To” Source for Information

As the amount of contradicting information appears on our news feeds faster than the change in Texas weather; the public is looking for trusted sources they can count on to make informed decisions.  Today, with our mainstream media sensationalizing every story to increase their ad revenue, corrupt politicians trying to increase their power at the national, state and local jurisdictions, and average everyday citizen who has a personal agenda they are trying to push; people are trying to find a “Go To” Source to find the right information to help them make inform wise decisions.

Businesses who are trying to reach their consumer must be vigilant in producing enough information on their digital network to help build trust and allow them to increase their market share.  As the economy is heading down a path much like it did during The Great Depression of 1929 to 1933, it will be vital for businesses to become more active than ever utilizing a complete digital media strategy to stay alive.

When it comes to an online digital strategy, businesses must make sure their message is concise and supportive of their narrative.  If a business provides a great product or service, there should be several pieces to their online digital media strategy that supports these claims:

·         Blogs- These are written pieces that have the ability to educate the consumer with facts and supporting documents.  Great stories on how the product or service is being used can validate these assertions.  It is also important to insert current events into these blogs.  Letting the public know that you know what is going on in the world is important.

·         Reviews- Many companies talk about getting a “lot of stars”, but reviews are so much more than that.  The goal is to have customers mention the product/service, why they visited your business and who specifically helped them.  Have you ever notices negative reviews state all of these things, but positive reviews might be a one word or one sentence on why they are happy?  Businesses should make it available and easy for their happy customers to be able to share their complete experience with the world on multiple platforms.  Video Testimonies should also be part of every businesses digital media strategy.  If we can see a customer truly happy, then it is more believable.  If you are a business that still pays for “Fake Reviews” customers can see through this.  Number one, those reviews are not being looked at by the average customer and number two, if you are spending that much time on “Fake Reviews” your business will never achieve maximum profitability.

·         Daily Post- There must be a method behind your post.  Are the post engaging to customers?  Do they create an emotion that can create a call to action?  If you are paying a company to put the same post on your sites as every other one of their clients sites than you are not understanding how daily post work.  In addition, you should be putting daily post on all of your social media sites to make sure you are optimizing the opportunity to reach additional customers.

·         Video Messaging- There is nothing better than a candid video that talks about your business or the service you provide.  The most searched videos are “How to Videos”.  Everyone utilizes the internet to find information.  If you want people to search your business, you better have the information they are looking for.

·         Automated Follow Up- Customer Retention is easier than finding new customers.  Your digital strategy should have a consistent approach to letting the customer know you care.  This should also be in a digital format to allow your customer to easily share the information with all of their friends and family.

An example of businesses or entities who have spread information that has been counterproductive for the consumer is the Centers of Disease and Control (CDC).  For example, the CDC currently is showing a misleading graph that states that 40% of Coronavirus cases end in death which is 22,124.  This government funded entity that benefits from taxpayer funding has already instructed our health officials to list every death of those that might have symptoms close to those who really do have COVID-19 as a Coronavirus death.  Their graph also doesn’t show the fact that many Americans probably had the Coronavirus in November or December which was well before the media used fearmongering to utilize power hungry politicians into scaring the population into seclusion.  Ultimately and unconstitutionally ordering businesses to shut their doors.

There are several instances where the CDC manipulates the American public in believing they should all stay at home and hide from a virus that will be seasonal.  As a matter of fact, Covid-19 has been around for over a decade and we have never had the overreaction that we have had today.  First, if you were to superimpose the geographical area of the United States over Europe you would see that you could fit the countries of Ireland, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Poland, Belarus, Italy, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Ukraine and more into the United States.  Second, add up all of the deaths in those countries and the United States death total is much less.  Not only are the deaths from the Coronavirus much less than the 2.2 Million predicted by Neil Ferguson who based his model on 100% of the population getting the virus (which has never happened in the history of the world), but now the prediction is much closer to 60,000 total deaths in America.  If we were to take our investigation a step further, the 2017-2018 mortality rate from the flu was 80,000 according to the CDC which was a mortality rate of .00024449877.  The Great State of Texas had 9,470 deaths from the same flu in 2017-2018 and their mortality rate was .00032996515.  In comparison, Italy which has been the country every doctor and those who have been tricked into supporting the unconstitutional mandates of house arrest is .00032901786.  Yes!!! You read this correctly.  In 2017-2018, Texas had a higher death rate from the flu than Italy has today from the Coronavirus!  It is all how the media decides to spin it.

The final chapter has not been written for the year 2020!  It will be up to businesses to adapt, innovate and encourage while gaining the trust of the consumer.  Businesses must be vigilant in their fight to survive and DeliveryMaxx is willing to help.

DeliveryMaxx has been the leader in the digital media arena over the last decade and continues to help businesses in all sectors reach their potential customers through the most innovative digital strategy utilizing common sense and today’s technology.  Our clients experience positive Online Reputation, stronger SEO, concise content management, increase in social media engagement and advertisement and higher customer retention.  We are able to customize and create a strategy for any entity that is trying to gain more exposure on the web.  With clients in multiple industries and across the country such as Automotive Dealerships, Real-Estate Brokers & Agents, Churches, Service Industry, Sports Teams, Non-Profit Organizations and more; we utilize our Patent-Pending Program to develop a digital strategy that will meet the needs of sales, service and messaging to the masses.

DeliveryMaxx is one of the only digital media company that provides a simple to use app which will allow our clients immediately collect online reviews, post engaging videos and online content with branding and advertising.  The program is embedded with digital code helping increase SEO which provides first page results on the Search Engines.  It is a tool that is implanted with a complete digital strategy giving our clients a competitive advantage over the competition.  For more information about DeliveryMaxx contact (888) 938-6299 or watch the DeliveryMaxx Introduction Video!