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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Future of Social Media Marketing

The world of social media is constantly changing.  New sites, applications, and features are constantly being implemented and it is near impossible for business owners to oversee their day to day operations AND monitor social media and internet trends.

That is where DeliveryMaxx comes in.  DeliveryMaxx is the most advanced and fastest growing digital media marketing company on the planet.  We do the work for you to ensure you are getting the most return out of online marketing campaigns.

Here is a look at a few ways DeliveryMaxx can help your company grow its online presence:
Specific Consumers

Internet users have the ability to block out unwanted messages.  If a person sees someone wearing a tee-shirt with a unicorn on it that they want they go home and use Google to search for the shirt specifically.  That person will not click on the google advertisement at the top selling non-unicorn tee-shirts, they will continue to search for a company that has the item they’re looking for, and even if 100 companies carry the shirt, the one that gets the sale is the one that promoted their product correctly.  DeliveryMaxx’s experts takes your content and promotes it in ways that it will help people find exactly what they’re looking for, exactly when they’re looking for it.  Trying to force someone to buy something they don’t have any interest in ever purchasing doesn’t work on today’s online consumers.

Appealing to Previous Customers

The term Customer is misleading, you may think you’ve already won their business, but it’s easy to forget that the key word in “social media” is “social,” and you’re customers have A LOT of access to your potential future customers.  Even the shyest person behaves charismatically on social media, particularly about their experiences with brands and businesses.  It is important to think of your social media audiences as potential future customers and referrers of future customers.  If you have 1,000,000 happy customers, and one angry one, odds are your Google Review Page will have one angry review on it.  DeliveryMaxx uses custom built applications that give you and your customers the tools necessary for your happy customers to use their voice online as well.  Through our unique review sites you can encourage your customers to write about their good experience by handing them a keyboard while on site and their glowing recommendations will be visible to the world before they even walk out of your door with a smile on their face.
Being Remarkable

Remember social media networks were designed for humans to interact with humans, not businesses to interact with leads.  When marketing on Facebook or Twitter, you’re not just competing with status updates from other businesses, you’re competing with a video of someone’s niece walking for the first time.  DeliveryMaxx applies an emphasis to creating social media campaigns that are geared towards the customers creating unique content that people are actually interested in and showing that you care about more than selling a product or service.

According to the Integer Group there are 2,314 tweets sent out every single second, so how can you stand out among the chaos?  DeliveryMaxx improves the quality of your content to be more consistent across your social channels and designing content to go viral and help grow your social reach.  We can turn you into the brand or business that people genuinely want to follow and read content from on a daily basis.

These are just a few ways DeliveryMaxx can help your business grow its online presence.  For more information about becoming a DeliveryMaxx client visit