Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DeliveryMaxx Produces New Customer Video for Southwest Kia Mesquite

As part of our Images of Success Program we include a short video for our clients that can but played in the dealership. People always feel good when they see themselves on the WideScreen.

The typical dealership spends millions in advertisement for that “one-time sale.” Why not make an investment in the customer, so the customer will invest in the dealership?

DeliveryMaxx utilizes modern innovations, cross-talking technology, and traditional techniques to allow the customer to show off their new purchase while providing a positive published review of their experience to the world.

Imagine - the power of your customers sharing positive reviews through the world-wide web with their friends and family about the great sales and service your dealership provided to them before leaving the dealership.

Envision - the positive impact to your customer retention, increased sales, and higher CSI by simply providing high quality sales and service and allowing your customers to do what they do best- that is, telling others how much they appreciated the way they were treated and how they got the best price on a great product or service at your establishment

Realize - the scope of this technology along a vast horizon of possibilities for a fraction of the cost of what traditional forms of media and advertising saturation used to cost your store but with limited success.

This is how the Deliverymaxx Images of Success program helps our customers see certain and immediate measurable results. There is no better way to increase referrals and repeat business than this because your customers are doing the advertising for you through their own positive expressions! The internet, social media, blogs, and web-based communities have given ”word of mouth” a whole new meaning; Deliverymaxx will help you harness that momentum.