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Friday, September 20, 2013

Rockwall Youth Football utilizes Social Media to Build Program

Texas Football has long been the standard of the Nation.  Every town finds children playing in fields throughout the year no matter what the temperature is outside.  Elementary schools have organized teams, communities have prestigious select organizations, middle schools have crosstown rivalries, and city businesses revolve their hours around Friday night football games.

Some of the best football movies have been staged in Texas like the Longest Yard with Burt Reynolds (and the Adam Sandler Remake), Junction Boys (Texas A&M’s famous Bear Bryant Training Camp), Friday Night Lights (The story of Odessa Permian’s Playoff Run), North Dallas Forty (Dallas, Texas Football), Varsity Blues (Texas High School Football), and Necessary Roughness (College Football filmed at University of North Texas in Denton, Texas).

The Heisman Trophy has been awarded to Texas High School and College prodigies like Johnny Manziel, Robert Griffin III, Ricky Williams, Ty Detmer, Andre Ware, Tim Brown, Billy Sims, Earl Campbell, John David Crow, Doak Walker, while four Heisman Trophy winners have dawned the famous Dallas Cowboys Star; Eddie George, Herschel Walker, Tony Dorsett, and Roger Staubach.

The Dallas Cowboys have the most Super Bowl appearances with 8 winning 5 of the world’s most famous championship.

A Texas College has won a Football National Championship 17 times since 1936, and Fifteen times since 1927 a Texas High School has been acknowledged as the best football program in the nation.  Rockwall High School has been to 3 high school title games at the 2A and 4A level (1963, 1972, and 1987) winning the 2A State Championship in 1963.  The NFL’s all-time leading rusher also played for the famous Texas professional team.

With such a staunch history of great football in Texas youth leagues are more prevalent than ever.  In addition to the increase of youth football leagues social media has become the norm of communication and informational source for news.  Many youth football organizations have chosen to share their schedules, scores, and highlights on websites, Facebook, and Twitter.

The Rockwall Youth Community Association (RYCA) has become the first youth football team in the country to partner with a digital media firm to promote their football organizations activities and opportunities.  They have partnered with a company called DeliveryMaxx which is noted for being “Social Media’s Choice to Customer Engagement and Online Reputation Management”.

DeliveryMaxx has create a digital strategy utilizing their patent pending technology to help the RYCA Football program to increase ticket sales, recruiting, creating fan conversations, provide additional food, beverage, and memorabilia revenue, and establish stronger loyalty in the community.
“When people look up Rockwall Youth Football, they find us.  Because of DeliveryMaxx; we are able to spread our message across the community and state like no other program in the country.  This will help in all facets of our youth football organization”, states RYCA Chairman, Brandon Neighbors.

The RYCA makes every effort to make sure that every child with the desire to participate gets the opportunity to play or cheer, without financial costs, prior experience, athletic ability or size.  They are devoted to inspiriting young athletes (kindergarten through 6th grade) and give them the challenge of competition, the joy of victory, the reality of defeat, the importance of commitment and spirit in the community.  These values and virtues are important to athletes’ growth and to them becoming active members of the community and society.

Rockwall Jacket Youth Football is the only program that is vertically aligned with Rockwall High School according to Varsity High School Coach Rodney Webb.  More information about the Jacket Football Team can be found on their Facebook at

Since DeliveryMaxx started with the football organization in early July; followers of the program has increased 71% and the total digital reach has improved 3525%.  The organization has increased by 4 additional teams and double their participants.

DeliveryMaxx has developed a patent-pending program that has quickly become “Social Media’s answer to customer engagement and online reputation management” which means that companies or organizations who utilize DeliveryMaxx’s program are able to create conversation about their service or products.  In addition to strong web presence; companies’ and organizations’ positive online reputation grows tremendously as well.  For more information about DeliveryMaxx visit

Thursday, September 12, 2013

RED OUT for Zac at the Plano East Panther versus Berkner Rams Football Game

DeliveryMaxx and Dodge City of McKinney wants to encourage everyone to wear RED at the Plano East Panther versus Berkner Rams on September 13, 2013.

Support the Cardiac Arrest (SCA) Awareness in Youth at Kimbrough Stadium.  Tailgating begins at 5:30 PM with the game starting at 7:30 PM.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DeliveryMaxx Executives Share Family Successes

Co-Founders Josh Deaton and James Schaefer have built DeliveryMaxx into a multimillion dollar organization from an idea scribbled onto a yellow notepad to a state-of-the-art patented program that provides automotive dealerships and other organizations with a unique ability to increase CSI Scores, Sales, Customer Loyalty, Service Revenue, Online Reputation, Search Engine Optimization, and Branding.

With DeliveryMaxx, automotive dealerships truly have a total customer care program that allows the consumer to share their great experience through published online reviews as well as their new vehicle through social media marketing.  “Many companies have tried to do what DeliveryMaxx has been able to create, but they fail because they have taken shortcuts.  Ultimately these companies hurt the dealership, and do not provide the service the automotive industry needs” states Josh Deaton, Chief Executive Officer of DeliveryMaxx.  Instead of an automotive dealership having to go to five different vendors to provide social media marketing, online reputation management, search engine optimization, local search engine optimization, and a customer loyalty program; DeliveryMaxx combines all of these programs into a complete program that will help dealerships “Win Customers for Life”.


In addition to leading automotive dealerships into additional profits utilizing modern technology, both men are very involved in their children’s activities.  Mr. Schaefer coaches both his son and daughter’s teams.  Recently, Schaefer’s top nationally ranked Rockwall Jackets 10U football team where he is the head line coach just won their 3rd straight National Championship at Dallas Cowboys Stadium during Thanksgiving week.  His son Joseph plays linebacker and fullback.  Mr. Deaton, who also has a son who plays golf for his middle school team, was excited to see his daughter Alexa earn the right to be called Cheerleading National Champion for Heath Hawk’s Cheerleading where the competition was televised nationally (also at Dallas Cowboy Stadium).  “Both kids work very hard in school and in their extra-curricular activities.  I am a firm believer that sports can prepare kids for business.  There are winners, losers, and a right way you have to compete.  You have to work with others in order to be successful.  I will be excited to see both Alexa and Joseph work for our company when the time comes” says James Schaefer, Chief Operating Officer of DeliveryMaxx.
Of course both Joseph and Alexa are 10 years old and each in the 5th grade, so they will have some time to continue to enjoy their activities before the challenges of running a business become a reality of life.  However, if their success in sports is a prelude to how they will do in business when that time comes, DeliveryMaxx has a very solid line of succession.