Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Does Your Message Make Sense?

It is important for Business Owners to make sound decisions to lead their companies through these uncharted territories.  They must have a plan and be willing to adapt as necessary.  In past blogs, DeliveryMaxx has shared helpful information of preparing your company for the “New Normal” by investing in PPE Medical Supplies and given helpful steps into embracing digital technology to promote, market and advertise your business.  Most important, business owners should lead by example in order to take their business to the next level.

Today’s media-hyped pandemic is a perfect illustration of how NOT to run a business if you want to be successful.  If anyone will ask a few questions when they see information and seek the truth; they would instantly rebel from this insanity.

Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot is quick to threaten fines and jail time for anyone posting dissent on social media.  The local politicians defended a haircut saying, “I’m the public face of this city. I’m on national media and I’m out in the public eye. “I’m a person who, I take my personal hygiene very seriously. As I said, I felt like I needed to have a haircut,” she added. “I’m not able to do that myself, so I got a haircut. You want to talk more about that” while banning salons and barbershops from conducting business to put food on their tables. Watch Her Video Now

Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been another politician trying to make a name for herself during this time of chaos.  She expanded executive order banning the sale of nonessential goods, including clothing, gardening seeds, and car seats on Friday.  She also outlawed visits to other residences, including visits to a vacation home or a neighbor's house, because of the coronavirus pandemic.  Of course, Big Box, Liquor, and stores selling Lotto Tickets are exempt from her order.  Then as opponents of her views spoke up, she labeled them racist and said they displayed massive signs of hate symbols such as the confederate flag, swastikas and nooses.  Read Her Order Here

 For business owners, using social media can be powerful.  DeliveryMaxx has been the leader in this arena over the last decade and continues to help businesses in all sectors reach their potential customers through the most innovative digital strategy utilizing common sense and today’s technology.  Our clients experience positive Online Reputation, stronger SEO, concise content management, increase in social media engagement and advertisement and higher customer retention.  We are able to customize and create a strategy for any entity that is trying to gain more exposure on the web.  With clients in multiple industries and across the country such as Automotive Dealerships, Real-Estate Brokers & Agents, Churches, Service Industry, Sports Teams, Non-Profit Organizations and more; we utilize our Patent-Pending Program to develop a digital strategy that will meet the needs of sales, service and messaging to the masses.

However, it is important for Business Owners and Leaders to make sure their message makes sense.  A perfect example of mixed or hypocritical messages is what is going on right now in our country.  Here are some questions that everyone should be asking during the economic shutdown due to the Seasonal Coronavirus.  We can learn what not to do when making decisions for the future of our businesses.

·         Why can you go to Walmart but not Kohl's?

·         Why the Dollar store and not a mom-and-pop shop?

·         Why can't you have an elective surgery, but you can have an abortion which is elective?

·         Why should you stay inside but yet heat and sunlight kill the virus?

·         Why can't kids (who are not at risk) play on an outdoor playground, where sun kills this virus?

·         Why don't people know that these are "recommendations" not laws because they have not gone through due process?

·         Why is it okay for government officials to get a haircut, but not common citizens?

·         Why the fear, when this virus has a less than 1% confirmed mortality rate?

·         Why have coroners questioned death certificates listed as CV-19?

·         Why are areas like Chicago and NY gearing up for mass vaccination?

·         What makes one person essential and another not?

·         Doesn't shelter at home; mean there is a whole population of people, not staying home so we can?

·         Why are they dividing us?

·         Where has the flu gone?

·         Why do the homeless consistently demonstrate the lowest infection rates?

·         Why are they telling us to mask up after 2 months of lockdown?

·         Why is the CDC saying kids need to be masked when they return to school or attend church, when they know cloth masks restrict oxygen?

·         What is this oppression and loss of liberty doing to the mental health of our kids...to us?

·         Why have most other death rates dropped since the virus?

·         Why hospitals are paid more for COVID-19 deaths?

·         Why are some doctors speaking out and then getting silenced?

·         Why can 500 people shop at Menards or Home Depot, but we are not allowed to go into a church building?

Again, businesses must have a clear and precise message.  Utilize our government’s handling of these times as an example of what not to do to assure yourself of sharing your information in the future.
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