Wednesday, May 13, 2020

A Long Time Ago… Just Over 60 Days

What seems like ages ago was actually only 60 days ago.  Yes… 60 days ago there was still enough toilet paper to go around that people would even occasionally ‘decorate’ chosen homes.  People would wave at you in the stores, and spend a little time talking with you upon recognition.  Parents of high school seniors were planning graduation parties and summer trips.  Soon to be college graduates were looking forward to making their mark on society and starting new careers.  The stock market was at an all-time high while unemployment was at an all-time low.  Our President was busy making America great while the Democratic contenders were exploring options to provide tuition-free education available to everyone.  You could get a haircut and then spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying a latté on the patio with some friends.  Monday mornings were a drag because the weekend seemed too short, and conference meetings were held in a windowless room with your colleagues.  If you were wearing a mask while going to the bank; you were probably going to end up being on the 6 o’clock news and arrested.  Nobody ever thought of a McDonald’s cook as essential nor did we really give a second thought to the cashier at Wal-Mart on how vital they would be in our society.  Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu were complimentary entertainment on a Sunday afternoon.  Discussions about baseball’s opening day were starting to heat up and Las Vegas was preparing to showcase their new venue by hosting the NFL Draft.  Nobody knew what an Epidemiologist was and we all thought that the government advocating tracking devices installed in humans, drone surveillance, social media censorship and apps that allowed neighbors to report neighbors simply for having a conversation was something only found in a Sci-Fi Movie.

That was 60 days ago!

Today is much different.  Suicide Rates, Child and Spousal Abuse, Unemployment and Alcohol Sales continue to rise faster than the predicted death rate of 2.2 million by Neil Ferguson and our local County Judges and Mayors.  America was told to flatten the curve by staying inside their homes to lessen the burden of the hospitals, but now we are laying off medical workers because there are not enough patients to provide a need.  We are arresting lawful people who are trying to put food on the table for their family while releasing rapist and other criminals from prison.
History is being made!

Our Government has somehow managed to give almost 3 Trillion Dollars to their special donors and is looking to buy additional votes with another 3 Trillion Dollar bribe disguised as a stimulus.  They are wanting to tax the average citizens so they can give Hazard Pay to Costco Workers and other frontline employees who have been able to secure a steady paycheck.  America is less than 2% points from etching its way into the annals of history by entering The 2nd Great Depression.

The world is changing and we are expected to accept a “New Normal” controlled by a New World Order.

Our society ingest its information from bold sensationalized headlines, innovative memes and 15-30 second videos.  Business leaders can use the current chaos to help them make decision as they try to survive, rebuild and ultimately thrive in this chaotic economic landscape.  Leaders will need to make sure their business is able to reach, communicate and provide goods and services using today’s technology.  This includes marketing, advertising, e-commerce and informing your customers and potential customers in the digital arena.  Digital Advertising is less expensive than traditional advertisement, but it has to be done right.

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