Thursday, May 7, 2020

E-Commerce is the best Revenge for Small Businesses

As the tides of public opinion of the severity of the Coronavirus are quickly shifting as politicians, some in the mainstream media and the average American; the carnage of 33.5 million lost jobs are part of the aftermath that has been left behind.  According to a recent FORTUNE article, the Real unemployment rate has soared past 24.9% which is just shy of the highest level of unemployment during The Great Depression of 1929 which was 25.6%.  When you add the new unemployment figures with the 7.1 already unemployed Americans, the real unemployment rate is more than 40 million.

Headlines will soon shift to companies like J.Crew, Niemen Marcus, Kroger, Pier 1 imports, CMX Cinemas, Gold’s Gym, Krystal, Lucky’s Market and others will either file for bankruptcy or restructure.  They may not shut their doors forever, but vendors, creditors and employees will become the latest victims in the overhyped COVID-19 scare of 2020.

The list of these big businesses will be sure to grow and employees and small businesses that depend on these companies will be the ones left to suffer.  In addition, Bloomberg is predicting that 52% of U.S. Small Businesses will fail even as states are starting to partially open up.

We can’t blame the media because any sane person should know the media sensationalizes stories to increase revenue from advertisement.  We really can’t blame politicians because their job security comes from having 1 more vote than the 50% who actually vote.  The lack of leadership has been on display from our Federal Government and State Government, but the worst has been the local County Judges and Mayors who showed their total lack of understanding and laziness to actually lead.  They quickly took to whatever camera was pointing their direction and spewed off misinformation disguised as facts and imprisoned small businesses leaving them to die.  However, the real people to blame are those who look back at us in our mirrors.  We failed to use logic and reason.  We failed to question why it wasn’t likely to get the virus by going to Walmart to fight over toilet paper.  We failed to question people like Chris Cuomo, CNN reporter and brother of flamboyant New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who told the world he was stricken with the seasonal virus and how bad it was.  However, the same week he was supposed to be in quarantine, he was out with family and friends at a dinner party.  We accepted shutting down and ruining the 2020 seniors from finishing high school and college, but allowed Costco, Home Depot, Government Offices, News Media, McDonalds and others to operate fully unscathed.  We made the decision to accept Churches being shut down, but a gathering of news reporters listening to the lies our government officials was just fine.  The worst person in this whole debacle was the average American who took to Facebook and say how bad the virus is, but let their kids hang around others showing a complete hypocrisy while they promoted fear among their friends.

The battle has been deadly, but it isn’t over.  Politicians will ramp up their game plan to pin the blame on the other party.  Citizens will attack each other trying to save their original position of their beliefs.  The American Citizen has already shown those in power how willing they are to give up their rights that our Founding Fathers and American Veterans have fought so hard to preserve.  Yes, we are in the midst of war without a bullet being fired…yet.  This war isn’t against China or Iran (although stay tuned), but it is within each and every one of us.  Our enemy is within because we allowed this to happen.  We chose emotion over logic.

Those who are in business have a choice.  We can give up, which in many cases who can blame you.  It’s another uphill battle you will have to climb.  Or we can adapt and try to overcome another adversity that has been thrown in our face.

Every business will need to immediately look to how they can continue to bring in revenue.  They must have a digital strategy that includes E-Commerce solutions:

·         Website. Your website is the one area that you have the most control.  You can share your message and tell your story.  You can also sell your products and services online.  Your website should be simple to navigate, but also allow your potential customers to purchase your goods.

·         Digital Media Strategy.  You must attract potential customers and retain your current customers.  It will be important to utilize social media sites to gain additional viewers and give them reasons to visit your website.  Your digital marketing should not be just posting a funny meme to Facebook or Twitter.  It must be well thought out and strategic to growing your market share.

·         E-Commerce. You will need to implement a way for customers to purchase your goods and services.  The entities that need this the most are the ones who never thought they needed to promote their services on the internet.  We are in the midst of a New Normal.

·         Adapt.  The economic landscape has done a shift more than the San Andreas Fault.  It would be great to have all the answers, but a digital strategy is probably not your expertise.  Finding a company that understands logic, reasoning and knows how to help you navigate through these unchartered times is vital to helping your business survive, rebuild and thrive in the future.

DeliveryMaxx has been the leader in this arena over the last decade and continues to help businesses in all sectors reach their potential customers through the most innovative digital strategy utilizing common sense and today’s technology.  Our clients experience positive Online Reputation, stronger SEO, concise content management, increase in social media engagement and advertisement and higher customer retention.  We are able to customize and create a strategy for any entity that is trying to gain more exposure on the web.  With clients in multiple industries and across the country such as Automotive Dealerships, Real-Estate Brokers & Agents, Churches, Service Industry, Sports Teams, Non-Profit Organizations and more; we utilize our Patent-Pending Program to develop a digital strategy that will meet the needs of sales, service and messaging to the masses.

DeliveryMaxx is one of the only digital media company that provides a simple to use app which will allow our clients immediately collect online reviews, post engaging videos and online content with branding and advertising.  The program is embedded with digital code helping increase SEO which provides first page results on the Search Engines.  It is a tool that is implanted with a complete digital strategy giving our clients a competitive advantage over the competition.  For more information about DeliveryMaxx contact (888) 938-6299 or watch the DeliveryMaxx Introduction Video!

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