Monday, May 11, 2020

Building Your Following and Increasing Sales

Going to the grocery store over the past several weeks can become quite depressing.  Many people are afraid to look you in the eye as if the season virus could be passed from one healthy person to another just by sight.  With people being afraid of talking to one another, I have come to the conclusion that there are some who think the virus is the first virus known to mankind with the ability to transfer based on soundwaves.

As ridiculous as this sounds, the overhyped season virus has had so much misinformation shared by our politicians at the National, State and Local levels which they continue to regurgitate based on the over sensationalized stories the news media has fed them.  Na├»ve citizens have been scared into submission quickly giving up their rights to provide a living to feed their children sharing false narratives to their friends and family through social media.

It is apparent that the majority of us will form our opinions based on social media.  Businesses will have to quickly adapt to a vigilant digital media strategy that is built to reach an audience that is glued to watching 15 second videos and is highly impressed by a pithy meme.  Our attention spans are short, and the point of the message needs to be made within seconds.

When it comes to an online digital strategy, businesses must make sure their message is concise and supportive of their narrative.  If a business provides a great product or service, there should be several pieces to their online digital media strategy that supports these claims:

·         Blogs- These are written pieces that have the ability to educate the consumer with facts and supporting documents.  Great stories on how the product or service is being used can validate these assertions.  It is also important to insert current events into these blogs.  Letting the public know that you know what is going on in the world is important.

·         Reviews- Many companies talk about getting a “lot of stars”, but reviews are so much more than that.  The goal is to have customers mention the product/service, why they visited your business and who specifically helped them.  Have you ever notices negative reviews state all of these things, but positive reviews might be a one word or one sentence on why they are happy?  Businesses should make it available and easy for their happy customers to be able to share their complete experience with the world on multiple platforms.  Video Testimonies should also be part of every businesses digital media strategy.  If we can see a customer truly happy, then it is more believable.  If you are a business that still pays for “Fake Reviews” customers can see through this.  Number one, those reviews are not being looked at by the average customer and number two, if you are spending that much time on “Fake Reviews” your business will never achieve maximum profitability.

·         Daily Post- There must be a method behind your post.  Are the post engaging to customers?  Do they create an emotion that can create a call to action?  If you are paying a company to put the same post on your sites as every other one of their clients sites than you are not understanding how daily post work.  In addition, you should be putting daily post on all of your social media sites to make sure you are optimizing the opportunity to reach additional customers.

·         Video Messaging- There is nothing better than a candid video that talks about your business or the service you provide.  The most searched videos are “How to Videos”.  Everyone utilizes the internet to find information.  If you want people to search your business, you better have the information they are looking for.

Automated Follow Up- Customer Retention is easier than finding new customers.  Your digital strategy should have a consistent approach to letting the customer know you care.  This should also be in a digital format to allow your customer to easily share the information with all of their friends and family.

DeliveryMaxx has been the leader in this arena over the last decade and continues to help businesses in all sectors reach their potential customers through the most innovative digital strategy utilizing common sense and today’s technology.  Our clients experience positive Online Reputation, stronger SEO, concise content management, increase in social media engagement and advertisement and higher customer retention.  We are able to customize and create a strategy for any entity that is trying to gain more exposure on the web.  With clients in multiple industries and across the country such as Automotive Dealerships, Real-Estate Brokers & Agents, Churches, Service Industry, Sports Teams, Non-Profit Organizations and more; we utilize our Patent-Pending Program to develop a digital strategy that will meet the needs of sales, service and messaging to the masses.

DeliveryMaxx is one of the only digital media company that provides a simple to use app which will allow our clients immediately collect online reviews, post engaging videos and online content with branding and advertising.  The program is embedded with digital code helping increase SEO which provides first page results on the Search Engines.  It is a tool that is implanted with a complete digital strategy giving our clients a competitive advantage over the competition.  For more information about DeliveryMaxx contact (888) 938-6299 or watch the DeliveryMaxx Introduction Video!

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