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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Change your Message if you really want Change

In five months the polls will open up and we will be voting for the President of the United States of America for the 59th time since 43,782 recently independent Americans voted for George Washington in 1788.  We will see the typical ads showing that President Trump is a mean spirited misogynistic anti-immigrant billionaire.  Other ads will depict Joe Biden as an out of touch old man who is the typical corrupt politician not living up to his campaign promises over the 43 years he has been in office.  In general, neither of these messages will change the way both sides of the political spectrum will vote.  They must change their message into one that is clear and precise to capture an additional voting bloc.

After hearing the same messages for the last 3 months about a virus that was sure to end the world as we know it falling well short of the 2.2 million predicted US deaths by April 15th, we are now faced with another division in our country fighting over race relations.  These arguments will be no different than the same arguments the baby boomers fought over in 1965.  The only difference is the baby boomer generation is still fighting amongst themselves and have now added a newer generation to battle on the front lines.

The problem with the Coronavirus as well as the Race Equality message is that there is no real clear message.  Originally, the Coronavirus “Flatten the Curve” message was to lessen the burden on hospitals.  As the narrative continued the message went to the extreme of eliminating a flu-like virus from the face of the earth at all cost including leading us into The 2nd Great Depression.  Now, groups like Black Lives Matter have the worldwide stage.  For the first couple of days their admirable message (with which DeliveryMaxx completely agrees) was “Justice for George” which quickly resulted in the firing and impending criminal trial of the Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin and other three officers who watched the tragedy unfold.  Quickly, the message has been diluted with various themes as reparations for all black Americans at the tune of $400,000 apiece, or completely eradicate racism while peaceful protests have been infiltrated by Antifa and other groups destroying inner cities businesses.  In both cases, the message has been lost at the expense of those trying to bring a positive message for change.  In the case of COVID-19, nobody wanted anyone to die, but like cancer, there will be unfortunate casualties that happen in life.  As for the death of George Floyd at the hands of Derek Chauvin, most people found this to be horrific and applauded how quickly Chauvin was terminated from his job and waiting in angst for his arrest.  However, much like disease we will never be able to eradicate evil from this world.  We have to make sure that the right laws to govern our society are enforced and hold our officials accountable.  The phrase, “Don’t judge everyone by one bad apple” alludes to the idiom “One bad apple spoils the bunch”.  The solution is to rid the bad apple before it spoils the bunch, and if our officials are unwilling to do this and hold the ‘bad apples’ accountable we will not see positive change.  Evil will only triumph when good people do nothing. And we believe our country is largely comprised of good people willing to stand up for what is right.

In reality, we all want the same thing in life which is to be able to provide for our family in a safe environment and watch our kids grow into productive young adults.  Most cities and towns in America exemplify this, but the mainstream news media and many politicians want to continue to divide our country.  If those that truly want change, the message must change into obtainable results and resonate with those who have different experiences.    The message cannot be hijacked by someone or a group that has ulterior motives that will only serve their self-interest.  Social Change can happen especially when the intentions are good.

Businesses today are no different than what is being played out on the daily news.  They want to provide a great service or product in a fair market.  The great equalizer is having a strong digital platform and the ability to implement a marketing and advertising strategy.  With more people than ever enamored with information instantaneously available at their fingertips; it is vital to share your message utilizing today’s technology.  Your message must be clear and precise with obtainable outcomes.

DeliveryMaxx is a small business that takes pride in helping other small businesses succeed in an increasingly digital world.  That was our mission prior to the outbreak and news stories of racial inequality and continues to be our goal today.  If you need help navigating a transition to becoming more active on social media, building an e-commerce website, or post-sale communication with your clients we are here to help.  Our clients experience positive Online Reputation, stronger SEO, concise content management, increase in social media engagement and advertisement and higher customer retention. See how we have helped clients in multiple industries across the country such as Automotive Dealerships, Real-Estate Brokers & Agents, Churches, Service Industry, Sports Teams, Non-Profit Organizations and more as we utilize our Patent-Pending Program to develop a digital strategy that will meet the needs of sales, service and messaging to your audience. or give us a call at 888-936-6299 today or watch the DeliveryMaxx Introduction Video!

Friday, May 22, 2020

Helpful Recommendations to Survive and Rebuild Your Business

For the last two months, business owners like myself have been very frustrated and in many cases at a loss for what to do next.  First, we all should agree that reactions to the Coronavirus have negatively impacted many businesses.  Like many of you, a wide variety of emotions have emerged as the goal post continued to change as we tried to conduct business in an ever-changing economic environment.

Instead of writing a blog blaming the government for abusing power, complaining about the mainstream media providing misinformation, exposing the big banks for squeezing out the small businesses for PPP funding or even shaming the citizens for allowing their fear to dictate the new rules and regulations that have severely limited businesses to achieve success; I have decided to talk about actions DeliveryMaxx has taken.  Hopefully, this blog will give you and your business some positive actions you might be able to take allowing you to adapt, survive, rebuild, and ultimately thrive.  Like us, you have probably invested your life savings to build your dream job, not for the sole purpose of making a living, but because you truly enjoy actively participating in the services or products your company provides.

There are several steps you can take to position your company and operate at a point of strength.  Reaching potential clients, promoting a safe environment, networking, identifying ways to help others and willingness to adapt are just a few recommendations we encourage you to look at:

·         Reaching Potential Clients. Due to the government shutting down business operations as we know it; it is imperative that you have a strong presence on the internet.  This means your website has become your primary store front.  It should be easy to navigate and allow your potential customer to receive all of the information they are looking for.  However, you must have a digital strategy that helps guide people to your website.  Think about the internet as a highway.  If you were able to put up a billboard on every exit of the highway guiding people to your place of business, would that be helpful?  Of course it would.  That is how you want to use your social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogger, WordPress, Pinterest, YouTube and more.  You should have a methodical strategy.  The good news is that digital advertising and marketing is a lot less expensive than traditional advertising.  Companies like DeliveryMaxx can help you.

·         Promoting a Safe Environment.  It does not matter if you think the reaction to the virus was a hoax, overblown or the perfect solution to keep people from getting sick.  Perception is reality and the reality is there are a lot of people who are afraid due to the information or misinformation they have received.  Therefore, if you want to build your clientele to solicit your place of business you will want to make sure they feel safe and are willing to step foot in your building.  Although your employees are probably thankful to get back to work, they too receive a lot of information.  They may not express their feeling to you, so you can ease their concerns by providing the appropriate PPE supplies to allow them to do their job safely.  Personal Protection Supplies can be anything from KN95 Mask, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer or disinfectant spray.  Companies like Apache Commodities Group have fair pricing below market and can even provide bulk products and pricing for your needs.

·         Networking.  With so many people telecommuting and utilizing virtual contacting services; having great relationships with others is vital.  Talk with your vendors or partners.  Be transparent with your employees.  Let your business accounts know what is going on in your world.  The more you share, the more likely it will be for someone else to identify with your experiences.  Join a networking group even if it is a small group.  Every business has been affected by the current situation and the landscape will continue to move.  Experiences of the past will always help you prepare for the future.  The more people you are in contact with the more experiences you will have access to allowing you to position your business for success.

·         Help Others.  This area is personal for me and DeliveryMaxx.  Throughout this whole ordeal, I have experienced the same frustrations as many of you.  I have felt like I was put on a remote island with no tools or help from others.  I swallowed my pride and shared my concerns and sure enough there were individuals that offered to introduce me to others that might need my services.  There were individuals that helped me navigate through the regulations of securing funding to allow me to operate.  There were even clients who understood my value and instead of cutting out my services, identified other ways I could help.  When I sat back and realized I could do the same for others, business began to grow.  I offered to use my expertise at a minimum cost to them.  Many times, my new clients and my company used unique billing methods that would be advantageous to both of us.  In some cases my company achieved more revenue and in other cases we added more work without adding revenue.  However, the satisfaction we gained helping others was a huge boost to our psyche and that gave us another ally in these chaotic times.

·         Willingness to Adapt.  You have a choice.  You can draw a line in the sand and decide not to cross it.  This can be admirable to some extent, but if your business can’t function, who does that help?  Or you can compromise and adapt.  Take for example a restaurant.  Putting up Plexiglas dividers is not ideal.  In many cases, it does not make a lot of sense when you really analyze what it is doing.  The same goes for having the wait staff wearing a mask.  However, if that is what it takes to open your doors and get back to 100% capacity that might be something you have to look at doing in order to survive.  You don’t have to compromise your beliefs or alter your moral compass.  However, if you can keep your business going for another day, month or even another year; you are giving your business a chance to survive.

On behalf of DeliveryMaxx, I hope that these suggestions will help you and your business survive, rebuild and thrive better than it ever has before. Please feel free to contact us and we can identify ways to allow you to get back to business as usual.

DeliveryMaxx continues to help businesses in all sectors reach their potential customers through the most innovative digital strategy utilizing common sense and today’s technology.  Our clients experience positive Online Reputation, stronger SEO, concise content management, increase in social media engagement and advertisement and higher customer retention.  We are able to customize and create a strategy for any entity that is trying to gain more exposure on the web.  With clients in multiple industries and across the country such as Automotive Dealerships, Real-Estate Brokers & Agents, Churches, Service Industry, Sports Teams, Non-Profit Organizations and more; we utilize our Patent-Pending Program to develop a digital strategy that will meet the needs of sales, service and messaging to the masses.  For more information about DeliveryMaxx contact (888) 938-6299 or watch the DeliveryMaxx Introduction Video!

Monday, May 18, 2020

Do Not Let Your Business Be Like Orpheus

Your business must have a social media presence.  This is a statement that would be truthfully stated at any point in the past 10+ years.  However, now it is especially important.  The past two months have upheaved business plans and many small business owners are deeply concerned for the future of their livelihoods.

Across most states, we are seeing lockdowns & restrictions being lifted.  Unfortunately, that does not mean the rocky path businesses have been placed on are at an end, rather further obstacles lay ahead.  And now is not the time to lose hope, I am reminded of the Myth of Orpheus & Eurydice.

For those unfamiliar, Orpheus is a legendary musician & poet in Ancient Greece.  He created music that was said to charm all living things.  His music was so beautiful that even trees would dance and are said to be frozen in their last dance to this day.  Most famously, his young wife Eurydice tragically died after falling into a nest of vipers on their wedding day, and not content to lose his beloved Orpheus traveled to the underworld to retrieve her.

The journey was hard, and when he reached the hellish underworld he played his music so powerfully that Sisyphus rested on his rock, all 3 heads of the dog Cerberus were enchanted by the tunes, and the lords of the Underworld Hades & Persephone agreed that Orpheus could return to the world with his wife Eurydice.  However, there was one condition.  Eurydice was to follow behind Orpheus and he would not be permitted to turn back to see her until they reached the end of the difficult paths & caves out of the Underworld.  Only when they reached the very end and into the light of the world could Orpheus turn to see Eurydice.  Thus, they began the difficult trek out of the underworld, leaping across chasms, up steep cliffs, and through narrow caves.  At last, a few mere feet from the end Orpheus suddenly stopped and turned to gaze into his wife’s eyes.  When he did, she was pulled back by invisible hands to spend her eternity in the underworld.

Many argue what could have compelled Orpheus to stop so close to his goal, but none can answer the question.  Perhaps it attests to the human nature just when it seems like success is at hand, the toughest part is behind us and all that is left is a little obstacle, trivial and insignificant to be overcome, that is the moment when we are tempted to lose our minds and undo everything we have done.  Orpheus represents all our missed opportunities, loves, friendships, and successes we have let slip through our fingers.
Similarly, for businesses, the toughest trail is behind us.  The few feet of adaptations that lay ahead might seem like obstacles that are unfairly placed and cannot be overcome, especially to those unfamiliar with utilizing online sales & social media marketing.  Fret not, DeliveryMaxx is here to help, whether you need to transition to an online store, increase your social presence, send follow-up to retain your existing customers, or any combination we have programs that are fully customizable for your individual needs.  Visit us online at or call (888) 938-6299 today!

Friday, July 15, 2016

DeliveryMaxx Makes Video Marketing Easy for your Business

Founder of Money Journal, Sam Oh shares great information about utilizing video marketing into your strategy.  DeliveryMaxx is the perfect app for your business or organization that will allow you to easily produce, publish and create lasting digital reach for branding your company or organization.

Have you incorporated video into your marketing strategy? If not, it's time you should. A few years ago, video marketing seemed to be its own entity. If you wanted to be found by select audiences, you had to have video. But now, video has special significance everywhere. In this post, we will look at why you need to start video marketing now.

YouTube: The world's second largest search engine.

Google is, and likely will always be number one. But YouTube has over a billion users who watch millions upon millions of hours of video. You can reach them by creating video that they can discover in YouTube search or general Google search results, depending on your video's topic and how well you optimize it for search engines.
Alternatively, you can reach YouTube's audience via a wide range of YouTube video advertising options. This includes banners, commercials before another video, commercials in the middle of a longer video, sponsored videos in the sidebar, and many other ad types specifically made to appeal to video consumers.
YouTube creators go beyond entertainment value. They serve audiences with actionable “how-to” content from helping golfers fix a slice to buying a used car and online marketing tutorials for beginners. YouTube has become a free educational hub for “learn it yourself” consumers and makers.
Best of all, every video you create for YouTube can be repurposed for dozens of other video hosting sites like Vimeo, DailyMotion, and many others. In addition, social networks like LinkedIn allow you to link YouTube videos to company pages and use them as media samples for your professional profiles, giving you even more opportunities to share videos about your business.

Video gets great reach on Facebook.

Do you want to reach more people on Facebook? Start using video. Video has been shown to get more organic reach than other types of posts according to studies by SocialBakers. Facebook is also starting to rival YouTube in video views, claiming to have hit an average of eight billion daily video views.
And now, if you want to get people engaged with your business, you should consider incorporating live video. Facebook has recently found that people spend three times longer with live video than with pre-recorded video. This is likely due to the fact that viewers can actually engage with the person(s) on camera by sending reactions, asking questions, etc.
But even if you don't want to get into live video just yet (which is now available for personal profiles, pages, and groups), you definitely need to start uploading video to your Facebook page for that organic reach boost. Not to mention you can pick one video as a featured video that appears above the About box on the left sidebar of your page. Think of it like a commercial or introduction for new visitors to your Facebook page.

Soon, Twitter's 140 won't include media attachments.

Do you want to share more on Twitter? If so, then start sharing video. Twitter plans to roll out a new change that allows people to add media to their tweets without counting it towards their 140 characters. This means you can link to a video and still have 140 characters to describe it to your followers and add hashtags.
This is beneficial for multiple reasons. For starters, the video will stand out in the news feed, and the play button on the video will beg for people to click it.
Secondly, the video will get added to your media library, which appears on the left sidebar of your Twitter profile. That way, unlike your normal tweets that get lost in your profile's timeline, visitors to your profile will see your latest six media shares. So be sure to make your video thumbnails will catch people's eye and make them want to click!

Live group video chat is getting hotter and hotter.

Google Hangouts helped the explosion of live video group chat and public broadcasting of roundtables and live group Q&A. Then came, which brought a little more simplicity for those who wanted to have four people on at a time and rotate people in and out of the broadcast easily. And now there's Huzza, a new Blab-like live group broadcasting platform with even more features that you can use, for a price.
The point is, if you want to get some exposure on a personal level that you can use to get your business exposure, you should consider getting invited onto or hosting a live show on one of these newer platforms. While Google Hangouts is older, it has the advantage of being free, having the ability to host up to ten people, and having lots of features such as screen sharing. While other platforms are newer, don't count out Google Hangouts just yet.

Your business ought to be in pictures.

As you can see, there are lots of ways your business can enter the world of video. The key is to find the way that is best for your business and start there. And to make sure that no matter what type of video you create that you share it on as many platforms as possible so that you reach as many people as possible with your video marketing.

Experts across the country are talking about video marketing and the importance of incorporating this strategy into your daily marketing and advertising routine.  DeliveryMaxx has a Patent-Pending App that utilized with their Digital Marketing and Advertising Program that will allow you to accomplish everything you need to do within minutes and a simple press of the button.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Content Content Content

For decades real estate professionals have been pounding home the phrase that opening a new business is all about… Location Location Location.  This phrase or concept dates back to as early as 1926 or even earlier.  The internet has made it commonplace for businesses to reach customers from around the world and with the advent of social media digital marketing is all the rage.  When designing a digital marketing plan or simply starting a new business, yes it’s that fundamental, every business owner or manager should consider several factors when deciding what and when to launch a campaign.  There are several types of marketing campaigns to consider, but here we are talking about digital marketing and more specifically content marketing.

Every post every picture for that matter every word that is said about a business or product is now an opportunity to introduce oneself or said product to the marketplace.  Customers are not only right around the corner, but now sit just a click away.  I’m not going to bore with details and statistics of why ecommerce is so important and explain the complexities of what makes for a good website, if you’ve made it this far you already understand these things.  What we are going to discuss is that in the digital age location matters, just not that much.  Online marketing programs are all about CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT, and did I mention CONTENT.

So where are you getting your digital content from?

Blogs are and excellent source to increase the number of mentions and backlinks to your respective address and in many cases this is the primary driver for original content most businesses use.  Blogs must be original and always include a message that speaks directly to the audience you wish to show up in your show room.  Blogs are also a great opportunity to share accomplishments as well as community spirit/service activities.  This is the best place to show case your business to the ever so discriminating public.  In short Blogs are your way of describing you.

Press Releases are much like blogs in that they provide the reader or prospective customer with a summary about you and/or your business.  The biggest difference here is that you don’t have control over the message.

Reviews/Online Reputation is all about what others are saying about you.  It’s pretty simple to maintain a positive online reputation, simply treat customers correctly and deliver on promises as stated when stated.  There are countless numbers of online reputation companies promising to “fix” businesses reputation.  Be wary of anyone that says they can get you reviews or have negative words that are being said about you removed from one site or another.  Simple fact is you are who your customers say you are and in most cases perhaps even better.  In general 95% plus of the people businesses serve would return to that business or even refer a friend, but statistics show that less than 3% share that information in a public forum.  What about the other 5% that for one reason or another were not satisfied??  You guessed and overwhelming number of those tell everyone.  You need to find a program that will capture more of the 95%ers.

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) could take up an entire article, and there are plenty already out there, on how to utilize it for ecommerce but here it’s all about content.  Every post is an opportunity to add content about your business.  Unfortunately businesses fall into the trap of posting useless information just to fill a page every day.  Posting services sell or shall I say prey on managers and owners selling them on their “need” to have daily posts.  Here’s the secret… If it doesn’t point directly back to your businesses internet space then it is just filler.  There is content everywhere within the everyday activities of each organization that utilize third parties to create their social footprint.  What if each employee had the ability to create effective content that was a direct reflection of that organization and could show honest and current interactions with customers.  That company would now have an edge that no third party provider could provide.  

Recently, DeliveryMaxx was chosen for the 2015 Best of Rockwall for Management Consulting Services due to the program meeting all of their client’s marketing and advertising needs.

DeliveryMaxx is a privately held company providing social media marketing, web-based solutions, customer retention, and other advertising services and is based in Rockwall, Texas.  DeliveryMaxx is the preferred provider for companies needing to improve web presence, online reputation, customer satisfaction, sales, and innovative strategies that enables them to confidently deploy their mission-critical products and services in today’s competitive environment for market share.

For additional information about the company or its products and services, visit or contact (888) 936-6299.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Phone App changes how Businesses Share their Story

DeliveryMaxx announces additional enhancement to their smartphone app. Already the leader in digital content management; their clients will have an even stronger competitive advantage in the digital playground on the internet.

May 16, 2014 - DALLAS -- Every organization and company has to understand the importance the internet plays in the way they conduct their business.  No longer are the days a website is self-sufficient in sharing their story.  As a matter of fact Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Managerment are two of the most important pieces when it comes to companies trying to sell, advertise, or promote products and services on the web.  There is a true science to these efforts and if not strategically planned correctly organizations will be left behind.
Almost five years ago, Josh Deaton and James Schaefer formed DeliveryMaxx where they envisioned would change the way businesses would brand, sell and communicate with potential customers on the web.  Their core business focused on helpig the automotive industry.  It started out as a simple idea where the automotive dealerships' customer were enabled to share their great experience via social media and online review sites for the world to see.  DeliveryMaxx would create a digital network for the automotive dealership and then utilzing the DeliveryMaxx Smartphone App and Review portal be able to encourage the customer to share this experience with all of their friends and family.  As long as the automotive dealership provided a great product and customer service; their praises were shared ten times as much as if the dealership just relied on old business practices.  "Our dealership has increased sales by 70% because we use DeliveryMaxx's services and our CSI scores have never been better" states, Jim Proctor, General Manager of Chrsyler Jeep Dodge City of McKinney.

Because DeliveryMaxx stayed true to simple business practices and common sense utilizing today's technology; they have expanded into helping clients such as hotels, employment agencies, youth organizations, churches, non-profits and CPA's.  "There is no limit to the businesses or organizations we can help.  If a company or organization has a story to tell; DeliveryMaxx can customize a program that will help them help their customer share their great experience with the world" expresses Schaefer, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of DeliveryMaxx.

The process is very simple.  A customer of a business has their picture taken with the DeliveryMaxx phone app (which is available for both iOS and Android with Windows coming soon).  The customer is then provided an opportunity to share their testimony on the DeliveryMaxx review portal.  With DeliveryMaxx's Patent Pending Program; both the testimony and the picture are combined and shared throughout the company's digital network driving business back to the client's website or through the doors of their location.

Today, DeliveryMaxx has announced an update to the smartphone app.  Organizations will be able to include a video testimony or their customer as well as a video walk around that will also be shared throughout the clients' digital network.  The walk around video for automotive clients is very important because they will be able to share their new and used inventory to all of their sites instantaneously.  However, this same function will be important to DeliveryMaxx's non-auto clients too.  They will be able to communicate to potential customers with any message they desire very efficiently.  Deaton, Chief Executive Officer states, "Our program produced phenomenal results already for our clients, but now with the video enhancement they will dominate the web even faster.  Content is key to any businesses digital success.  The search engines loves words, pictures, and videos.  DeliveryMaxx is able to provide all three creating unlimited content for our clients enabling them to become the most relevant search on the web."

DeliveryMaxx is a Cinderella story.  Financed by both Deaton and Schaefer; DeliveryMaxx has fast become the talk of the digital world.  "We have created patent-pending technology that actually provides opportunities for customers to share their experiences with future potential customers.  We do this utilizing social media and online reputation working together to produce these measurable results" states Schaefer.  Other companies have tried to mimic DeliveryMaxx, but fall short of the mark because they do not have real people doing real work for their clients.  "Those companies are all automated, and fail to uses simple business practices that make sense for their clients" he adds.

In addition to the phone app; DeliveryMaxx also includes an Online Review program that helps customers give reviews to all of the major social media sites.  "Not only do we build great original content for dealerships, help them obtain online reviews; but we also monitor the review sites and help respond to each review.  This has worked very well for our automotive dealerships, but we are finding that almost any company who depends on online reviews and content is able to utilize our services" comments Deaton.  DeliveryMaxx also writes blogs and press releases for their clients as well which adds even more content to their clients digital network.

The app can be downloaded by anyone, but will only be able to be utilized by DeliveryMaxx customers.

"DeliveryMaxx was created methodically filling the gaps that dealerships were unable, or did not know how to fill to complete the circle of attracting a new customer, providing great service or products, and having them share their experience immediately with friends and family" explains Schaefer, thus providing automotive dealerships and other organizations with a unique ability to increase CSI Scores, Sales, Customer Loyalty, Service Revenue, Online Reputation, Search Engine Optimization, and Branding.

DeliveryMaxx is a privately held company providing social media marketing, web-based solutions, customer retention, and other advertising services and is based in Rockwall, Texas.  DeliveryMaxx is the preferred provider for companies needing to improve their web presence, online reputation, customer satisfaction, sales, and innovative strategies that enables them to confidently deploy their mission-critical products and services in today's competitive environment for market share.

Clients of DeliveryMaxx include automotive dealerships, hotels, surgeons, insurance agencies, marketing agencies, chruches, educational institutes, non-profits, sports teams, attorneys, employment agencies, and politicians.

For additional information about the company or its products and services, visit

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Alan Cooper - General Manager - Honda Cars of Rockwall Texas - DeliveryMaxx Client Review

The DeliveryMaxx program is so Unique that we will be able to Produce Digital customer Referrals, Create Dealership Branding using backlinks, Citations and Mentions, Create Digital Word of Mouth and Maximize your Dealerships Positive Digital Exposure every time that you get a Review.

Fenton Honda of Longview partners with DeliveryMaxx providing Customers Unforgettable Experience

Fenton Honda of Longview offers a large selection of Honda Accords, Civics, CR-V’s Pilots, and Odysseys, as well as a variety of quality pre-owned cars, trucks and SUV’s.  The East Texas dealerships serve Longview, Marshall, Gilmer, Jefferson, Gladewater, Kilgore, and surrounding East Texas cities taking pride in the vehicles they sell and striving to succeed in providing an excellent customer experience.  As the leading auto dealership in the community, they are dedicated to providing all customers with a great experience treating them like family.

Recently, Fenton Honda of Longview has partnered with DeliveryMaxx, a leader in digital media services to provide each customer an opportunity to share their great experience with the world and giving the customer a true taste of Victory.

“Utilizing DeliveryMaxx, we are able to reach the surrounding communities sharing Fenton Honda of Longview’s great story” states Paul Manziel, General Manager of Fenton Honda of Longview.  ““Our business at Fenton Honda of Longview is not just selling cars, but helping put people into the right vehicle that is perfect for their family” says Manziel.

“Fenton Honda of Longview is an outstanding dealership for anyone who is looking to purchase a vehicle.  Their experienced staff makes the vehicle purchasing experience very easy, and their customer service is second to none” adds James Schaefer, Chief Operating Officer of DeliveryMaxx.

Fenton Honda of Longview is part of Fenton Motors a family of dealerships since 1950.  The dealership is located at 600 East Loop 281 in Longview, Texas.  For information on award winning vehicles visit the website at or contact the dealership by calling 903.757.2739.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Primeaux KIA welcomes DeliveryMaxx to the Tulsa Dealership’s Family

Primeaux KIA is a family owned and operated dealership. Henry Primeaux, his wife Jane, and their daughter, Lisa Lotz, are all active in the day-to-day operations of the dealership. Primeaux KIA is a family owned and family run dealership is every sense of the word “family.” Six members of the Primeaux family work at Primeaux KIA from dealer to lot boy and errand runner. After owning several dealerships in the Tulsa area, Henry Primeaux purchased Primeaux KIA in June of 2006. At that time his daughter, Lisa Primeaux Lotz, who was working at one of the other dealerships came to Primeaux KIA as a Business Manager. She quickly took over the day-to-day operations as New Car Sales Manager. Henry’s wife, Jane, works directly with the customers in a Customer Satisfaction role and is the dealership’s liaison with community involvement.  Grandsons known as the Longa Boys, who are in college, work as porters, car washers and errand runners for the dealership.
Primeaux KIA, the family's only dealership, has enabled the Primeaux's to excel at the selling and servicing of KIA vehicles. The dealership is currently renovating the dealership into a beautiful state-of-the-art facility to better serve its customers.  Primeaux KIA has been awarded the K-Dealer award every year since its founding, for outstanding sales, service and customer satisfaction. This coveted KIA Motors America award is only awarded to the most outstanding KIA dealerships.

According to Interbrand, the world’s largest brand consulting agency KIA is one of the Top 100 Best Global Brands.

Recently KIA was named best total cost of ownership brand by Kelly Blue Book while the KIA Soul was honored as a top KIA vehicle.  This past February, Kelley Blue Book’s released its list of the top automotive manufacturers with the lowest average total cost of ownership for the first five years after purchase.  In first place is KIA Motors America.

“At Primeaux KIA we take pride in everything we do from providing outstanding new KIA models to having excellent customer service in all departments.  Our mission is to be the customer’s choice for all KIA services in Oklahoma and we will do whatever it takes to keep our customers 100% satisfied” states Henry Primeaux, Owner of Primeaux KIA.

DeliveryMaxx will help Primeaux KIA communicate with their customers to assure the most pleasant buying experience in the Tulsa and surrounding area.  “Primeaux KIA treats their customers as family, and DeliveryMaxx makes it possible for their customers to share their great experience with the world” says Josh Deaton, Chief Operating Officer of DeliveryMaxx.  “We are honored and look forward to sharing Primeaux KIA’s message with the world because the family has done some great things for the automotive industry and continue to provide phenomenal service to their customers.”

Primeaux KIA is located at 4747 S. Yale Ave in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The dealership employs highly trained experienced technicians.  Primeaux KIA is very involved in Oklahoma and serves customers in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Norman, Enid, Edmond, and surrounding areas.  For more information on cars, trucks, and suv’s call the dealership at 918.622.3160 or visit the website at

DeliveryMaxx provides a total automotive dealership care program providing their clients consumers with social media marketing, online reputation management, search engine optimization, customer loyalty, and retention.  They utilized their proprietary software and patented programs to help automotive dealerships maximize their effectiveness positively influencing consumer behavior.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Website for DeliveryMaxx displays Capabilities for Social Media & Online Reputation Management

DeliveryMaxx is pleased to announce the new design reflecting the global image, branding, and complete capabilities for Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Search Engine Optimization, Customer Loyalty & Retention, and Search Engine Marketing.  The DeliveryMaxx website has the same domain, but a brand new easy to navigate style.

Originally, DeliveryMaxx was founded on keeping automotive customers for life and provided a strategic follow-up program for auto dealer’s customers.  Today, DeliveryMaxx is quickly becoming Social Media’s answer to Customer Engagement and Online Reputation.  DeliveryMaxx is able to take any companies customer and create “Digital Mouthpiece” advertising to thousands of potential customers.  For example, this means that if an automotive dealership or any other type of business sells a product or a service; DeliveryMaxx has a strategic plan of action that will use the customers’ great experience to advertise to all of their friends and family.

Josh Deaton, Chief Executive Officer & co-Founder states, "At DeliveryMaxx, we've long been at the forefront of digital innovation for the automotive industry.  We have created a patent pending digital solution for companies to truly separate themselves from the competition.”

It seems that today, everyone is talking about Social Media.  However, when you engage in the conversation few companies, even marketers get it right.  Internet users have the ability to block out unwanted messages.  If a person sees someone wearing a tee-shirt with a unicorn on it that they want they go home and use Google to search for the shirt specifically.  That person will not click on the Google advertisement at the top selling non-unicorn tee-shirts, they will continue to search for a company that has the item they’re looking for, and even if 100 companies carry the shirt, the one that gets the sale is the one that promoted their product correctly.  DeliveryMaxx’s experts takes your content and promotes it in ways that it will help people find exactly what they’re looking for, exactly when they’re looking for it.  Trying to force someone to buy something they don’t have any interest in ever purchasing doesn’t work on today’s online consumers.

According to the Integer Group there are 2,314 tweets sent out every single second, so how can you stand out among the chaos?  DeliveryMaxx improves the quality of your content to be more consistent across your social channels and designing content to go viral and help grow your social reach.  We can turn you into the brand or business that people genuinely want to follow and read content from on a daily basis.

Another misconception in the digital world is the use of Online Reputation Management.  Many marketers believe that a review is all that is involved in helping a company build their online reputation.  The term Customer is misleading, you may think you’ve already won their business, but it’s easy to forget that the key word in “social media” is “social,” and you’re customers have A LOT of access to your potential future customers.  Even the shyest person behaves charismatically on social media, particularly about their experiences with brands and businesses.  It is important to think of your social media audiences as potential future customers and referrers of future customers.  If you have 1,000,000 happy customers, and one angry one, odds are your Google Review Page will have one angry review on it.  DeliveryMaxx uses custom built applications that give you and your customers the tools necessary for your happy customers to use their voice online as well.  Through our unique review sites you can encourage your customers to write about their good experience by handing them a keyboard while on site and their glowing recommendations will be visible to the world before they even walk out of your door with a smile on their face.  In addition to gaining reviews, DeliveryMaxx is able to market these testimonials on other picture, blogging, and video sites for each client.

James Schaefer, Chief Operating Officer & co-Founder, said: "This is a time of extraordinary innovation, growth and opportunity for DeliveryMaxx and we are fully embracing a digital future. With clients across the United States and a staff of full-time developers and programmers, DeliveryMaxx has become a 24/7 source of news, public relations and customer engagement for businesses who have a product or service and utilize the internet to help market to potential customers.”

DeliveryMaxx is a privately held company providing social media marketing, web-based solutions, customer retention, and other advertising services and is based in Rockwall, Texas.  DeliveryMaxx is the preferred provider for companies needing to improve web presence, online reputation, customer satisfaction, sales, and innovative strategies that enables them to confidently deploy their mission-critical products and services in today’s competitive environment for market share.

Clients of DeliveryMaxx include automotive dealerships, hotels, surgeons, insurance agencies, marketing agencies, educational institutes, non-profits, sports teams, attorneys, employment agencies, and politicians.

For additional information about the company or its products and services, visit

Sunday, June 16, 2013

DeliveryMaxx partners with Capitol KIA to share Customers Great Experiences

Since 2001, Capitol KIA has carried the torch for customer satisfaction with car buying.  Many companies have made the claim, but Capitol KIA located in Austin, Texas has consistently strived to make customers happy by helping them put them in the car, truck, or suv that is right for them.

With an unprecedented 17 consecutive years of market share growth, KIA Motors is the fastest growing automotive brand in America. Thanks to advances in product quality, design and innovative marketing, KIA is also one of the fastest-growing car companies in the world. In a study conducted by Interbrand, the world's leading brand consultancy agency, Kia is on the "Top 100 Best Global Brands" list.

Capitol KIA has been Texas number one KIA dealership in total KIA’s sold for over a decade.  This type of great reputation doesn’t happen by accident.  “We have a job to do, and that is to listen to our customers and help them leave with the vehicle that is right for their needs” states Jason Thompson, General Sales Manager of Capitol KIA.  Capitol KIA doesn’t just talk the talk, but they walk the walk too.

From the moment guest arrive at the dealership, a representative greets them with a smile, opens the car door for their guest, and helpfully guides them where they would like to go.  All of the sales associates build a true relationship with their clients, and management goes the extra mile to assure all of the needs are met.

Not only does the dealership excel in superior customer service, but they also are located conveniently in Austin, Texas serving all of Central Texas including Round rock, Sunset Valley, Georgetown, San Marcos, and Balcones.   The state-of-the-art service center boast highly trained expert certified technicians and parts specialist.  When customers make the decision to purchase or lease a vehicle they are guided through the best options for financing by the most knowledgeable finance staff in all of Texas.

A customer will feel like family after one visit to Capitol KIA, and Capitol KIA looks forward to adding to their ever growing family of customers.  “It gives everyone in the dealership great pleasure when we sell or service our customers’ vehicles because we know our customers have many choices of dealerships to buy from.  We are honored when our customers choose us, and don’t take that lightly” adds Thompson.

Capitol KIA has chosen to partner with DeliveryMaxx, an innovative digital solutions provider, to help share customers experience with the world.  DeliveryMaxx has provided a review application for every customer to be able to express exactly how they were made to feel while working with the dealership’s team.  “With DeliveryMaxx, we will be able to assure that our clients are completely taken care of 100% of the time” says Thompson.

To become a happy customer and experience a great car buying opportunity, visit Capitol KIA located at 13573 U.S. Hwy 183 N. in Austin, Texas.  All of the new and pre-owned vehicles can be viewed by visiting or calling 512.583.1900.

Baytown’s Leading CPA Selects DeliveryMaxx for Digital Solution

When searching for a certified public accountant businesses and individuals have the ability to choose from hundreds of individuals and firms.  However, very few CPA’s are able to adapt and change with the today’s advancement of technology.  After a rigorous search, BW James Certified Public Accountants, led by founder and CPA Barry W. James, has chosen the leading firm of DeliveryMaxx to provide Social Media Marketing and Digital Solutions to keep their clients better informed of the latest financial, accounting, back office support system, advisory, and tax services available in the industry.  BW James Certified Public Accountants is one of Houston areas most progressive accounting firm.

Barry W. James is a native of Baytown, Texas just outside of Houston.  He is known as being innovative and by utilizing advance technology and sound financial reporting accomplished through one-on-one approach Barry W. James CPA’s gives their clients the attention that they deserved.  Barry James’ clients are highly valued.

With over 8 decades of experience performing financial planning and public accounting for clients; Mr. James and his CPA associates have provided exceptional tax, financial, estate planning, and accounting services to a diversified client base throughout the area and state.  Having a close relationship with each client, assisting them personally with tax, accounting, and personal wealth needs; he specializes in IRS, state and local tax audits, as well as small business and personal consultation.  

James is a long-standing member in the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants, the National Society of Public Accountants and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He was recently selected to serve on the Board of Directors of the Bay Area Rehabilitation Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to making a difference to thousands of children and adults with disabilities in Baytown and the surrounding East Houston communities.

Barry James is part of RootWorks, the accounting profession’s exclusive premier membership-based education organization which reviews today’s most advanced cloud-based technologies exchanging ideas to best serve their clients’ necessities.

“Barry James Certified Public Accountants is truly the Next Generation Accounting Firm and Barry James is the epitome of a servant leader who protects his clients and guides them through the various financial trials” states DeliveryMaxx’s Chief Operating Officer, James Schaefer.  “We are honored to provide our digital solution platform for Barry James and his firm.”

Barry James Certified Public Accountants is located just outside of Houston at 721 E. Texas Ave. in Baytown, Texas.  Barry James and his team of financial and tax professionals can be reached by calling 281.420.1040 or visiting

Huffines Chevrolet Lewisville shares story through Digital Media

After 85 years of success, and thousands of happy customers in the Dallas Fort Worth area; the Huffines story will be shared by DeliveryMaxx’s digital platform.

On May 5, 1924 Huffines Motor Company opened for business in downtown Denton. J.L. Huffines, Sr. founded the company on two principles which are still the benchmark for all decisions made at the dealerships – treat the customer the way they want to be treated and support the community.

Mr. Huffines always believed that when he sold someone a vehicle he had made a friend. Passed from father to son, to grandson, Mr. Huffines' philosophy has formed the solid foundation on which every Huffines dealerships are grounded, small town friendliness and a strong commitment to please each and every customer.

Through all of this, Huffines had been satisfying customers – many who still shop at Huffines today. The fact that grandchildren and great grandchildren of original customers still shopping at Huffines 85 years later certainly proves the success of their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Today, the Huffines Motor Company has grown to nine auto dealerships in Plano, Denton, Lewisville, and McKinney and has over 800 team members to better serve all their customers automotive needs.  The dealer franchises include Chevrolet, Subaru, Dodge, Jeep, RAM, KIA, and Hyundai.  All of the dealerships include the latest most advanced cars, trucks, and suvs as well as a plethora of pre-owned vehicles.

Ray Huffines, is the dealer principal for the Huffines Auto Dealerships and is guiding the dealerships selling more than 13,000 new and used vehicles a year, still embracing an 88-year-old mission—to treat customers’ right and support the communities in which the Huffines’ dealerships operate.

“The Huffines family has always said if we treat someone how they want to be treated and support the community as well as take care of your employees, success will take care of itself” states Mr. Huffines.  

The Huffines Auto Dealerships have been honored with the Consumer’s Choice Award for Auto Dealership Group of the Year for 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011. The Dallas Morning News recognized with its Top 100 Places to Work for 2011 Award and the Neighbors Choice ‘Go’ section, Best Auto Dealership and Best Auto Repair Facility Award. The dealerships have also been recognized by the DFW Community Newspapers for the Best New Dealerships, Best Pre-owned Dealerships, and Best Repair Facilities Awards. In addition, the Huffines Auto Dealerships have also earned GM’s Mark of Excellence and Standards for Excellence awards, the Chrysler Five Star and Customer Care Standards awards, the Hyundai Board of Excellence Award, KIA’s Dealer Excellence Program Award, and Subaru’s Stellar Performance Award.

“DeliveryMaxx is honored to provide our services for such a great organization like the Huffines Motor Company.  As a kid growing up in Denton, I always knew the Huffines name and I am proud to say that my grandfather, my parents and I have been customers of the dealership” states James Schaefer, Chief Operating Officer of DeliveryMaxx.  “The Huffines name is synonymous with the automotive industry in North Texas.  They have a great story to tell, and we are excited to help them share this wonderful story with the internet community.”

Huffines Chevrolet Lewisville is located at 1400 South I-35E in Lewisville, TX.  More information can be found by visiting or by calling 972.538.7000.  “We welcome everyone to come see what it is like to be treated how you want to be treated” says, Mike Biggers, General Manager of Huffines Chevrolet Lewisville.